The 7 Deadly Time Thieves™

The 7 Deadly Time Thieves™ are: Interruptions Overcommitting Multitasking Poor Planning Email Meetings Procrastination   Just like the 7 Deadly Sins, any one of these allowed to run rampant will make you miserable and eventually kill you … or at least your...

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The Secret To Beating Procrastination

I’ve saved the best for last … or have I?There are two kinds of procrastination—the one that we’re all familiar with is avoiding things we don’t want to do. The other flavor is often wrapped up in one of our 200 Lies and sold to ourselves as ‘self-care’. And the story...

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7 Ways to Transform Any Meeting

Meetings can either be soul-sucking wastes of time or super productive collaborative gatherings—and here’s some good news—you get to decide.   To ensure that all meetings are the latter and not a black hole of dead air and loss, make sure you all actually need to...

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15 Ways to Revolutionize Your Email

NO SUCH THING AS AN EMAIL EMERGENCY   The emergency broadcast system is not going to send you an email when aliens attack.   If someone is having a heart attack, you're going to dial 911, you're not going to send an email.   There is no such thing as an...

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Poor planning will kill your success in an instant

Next to Interruptions, I can’t think of another Time Thief that will undermine your success more than poor planning OR no planning. I’m all for spontaneity and don’t think you need to be scheduled to the second, although I’m also not opposed to that degree of...

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Is Multitasking One of Your Superpowers?

The truth is, multitasking is a lie. You can’t do two complex tasks at the exact same time. For example: baking a cake and performing open-heart surgery. Or texting and driving. Even if you say to yourself, “Well, maybe some of that is true but I can definitely sit in...

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Saying ‘No’ is a Complete Sentence

This is for all the people pleasers out there and all the people who run roughshod OVER the people pleasers badgering them and bullying them into doing things they can’t do, don’t have time to do, and frankly, don’t WANT to do.  That covers just about everyone.  ...

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The #1 Killer of Your Productivity

Interruptions are the #1 Time Thief—hands down. So if you’re trying to find the secret hack that’s going to unleash your superpower and transform you into a multi-tasking champion, you’re in for a rude awakening. Like many things in life, the #1 key to improving your...

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