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Welcome to the Unstuff Your Life System®

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WEEKLY LIVE INSTRUCTION on Tuesdays from 8:00-9:30 pm Eastern.

EVERY SESSION RECORDED and available 24/7/365 for replays anytime.

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BONUS PHOTO ORGANIZING CLASS + 50% discount on ALL digitizing services.

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FIELD-TESTED ORGANIZING METHODS based on science, 27+ years experience.

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Ready for a fool-proof way to keep your home tidy,
functional, and even beautiful?

In 10 weeks, you can have a home you love!

Does any of this sound familiar…?

You start out strong but lose momentum in just a few weeks ...

Something unexpected happens
—a job, a relationship, a move—and everything falls apart again ...

You race around when someone’s coming over, shoving things in closets to deal with “later”...

You’re so overwhelmed, you can’t figure out where to start…so you don’t!

You wander from room to room until you're too exhausted or frustrated to do anything ...

The bottom line is—you can’t consistently find what you need when you need it.

Woman with her head in her hands, frustrated and at a loss with the messy home surrounding her.

Maybe you're resigned that it's YOU…

Maybe you think the reason nothing works is because there’s something wrong with you ...

Maybe you’ve tried other online programs but they were boring and hard to follow ...

Or YOU had to motivate yourself alone in the dark in front of your screen...

Maybe there was NO ONE to hold you accountable to actually DO the work … so you didn’t.

If any of that sounds like you, you're in the right place!

The Unstuff Your Life System® is taught LIVE each week to make sure you show up and get results.

•   9 Modules + 3 Q&A's packed with simple, easy hacks and time-saving tips.

  How you’ve consciously and unconsciously set yourself up for failure over and over again.

  Simple and effective ways to reverse “stinkin’ thinkin’” quickly and for good.

  Arranging your home so essential items are at your fingertips all the time—for you and everyone else.

  The best ways to handle incoming mail and other important documents so they don’t pile up or get lost.

  How to confirm something’s value before you waste time trying to sell it.

  Andrew’s proven tips and hacks to keep you motivated and energized every step of the way.

  The secret formula for getting your friends and family involved so you don’t have to do this alone.

The ways you’ve consciously and unconsciously set yourself up for failure over and over again.

Simple and effective ways to reverse “stinkin’ thinkin’” quickly and for good.

Arranging your home so essential items are at your fingertips—for you and everyone else.

The best ways to handle incoming mail and other important documents so they don’t pile up or get lost.

How to confirm something’s value before you waste time trying to sell it.

Andrew’s proven tips and hacks to keep you motivated and energized every step of the way.

The secret formula for getting your friends and family involved so you don’t have to do this alone.

Register now— next cohort starts January 23, 2024!
I'm Ready To Get Organized Now!

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in the Unstuff Your Life System™:

Module  -  Organizing Basics + Creating the proper mindset

Along with getting oriented with HOW, WHEN and WHERE the program meets, during your orientation session we’ll also cover ALL the basics so you have a great foundation under you. Then you can start shifting HOW you think, feel and interact with stuff so you can STAY organized for good.

We’ll dive deep into:

  • The ways you’ve unconsciously and consciously set yourself up for failure over and over again AND what you can do to reverse that fast.

  • Setting up your home for you (and everyone in it) so that essential items are at your fingertips all the time.

  • The best ways to handle incoming mail and other important documents so they don’t pile up or get lost.

  • Andrew’s proven tips and hacks to keep you motivated and energized every step of the way.

  • Andrew’s proven tips and hacks to keep you motivated and energized every step of the way.

  • The secret formula for getting your friends and family involved so you don’t have to do this alone.

 …and so much more!

Module  -  The Kitchen + Pantry

In this module, we’ll create your dream kitchen without breaking the bank OR undergoing a stressful renovation. We’ll work with the existing “bones” of your space to rearrange everything that isn’t nailed down until you fall in love with your kitchen again.

And whether you have a pantry or not, chances are you’re storing food in this space—so why not make sure you and anyone you live with can find what they need in a flash? No more digging in the back of the cupboard OR the fridge only to confront something that looks like a failed science experiment!

We're going to explore:

  • The layout of your kitchen to see what can easily be moved to make the room more functional—and create additional storage that’s easy to get to and use.

  • Dealing with corner cabinets and other potential structural dead ends.

  • Hacks that will save you time and money every week, from shopping to preparing and storing meals.

  • Keeping your counters clear and uncluttered, and ready for use.

  • Time-saving tools you may already have that are gathering dust in drawers AND how to integrate them into your daily routine.

  • The quickest way to organize your kitchen in one day!

  • How to keep your fridge and cupboards organized so you feel great every time you step into the room.

Module  -  Clothes + Closet

Organizing your clothes and closets is one of the most important things you can do to set yourself up for long-term success. You’ll finally break free from that constant stress draining your energy every day—no more standing in the closet hunting for something flattering AND comfortable to wear!
And for all those other storage spaces, you’ll quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Say goodbye to wasted time digging through jumbled messes, random piles, and teetering towers just waiting to fall on your head or on the floor.

This module teaches you:

  • The PROPER way to organize every storage space in your home so you can find anything in 30 seconds or less.

  • My secret formula for winning every argument with yourself! You’ll have the tools you need to stop those 200 lies in their tracks when they try to undermine your progress.

  • The best ways to get more into your closets without hiding or covering up anything else. HINT: it’s NOT expensive!

  • Keeping your utility closet safe for little ones, pets, and even absent-minded adults.

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Auxiliary Spaces

Organizing all those places you tend to store stuff and then forget about will save you time, money and protect some of your biggest assets. “Out of sight” can easily become “out of mind” in these less-frequented spaces leaving you exposed to costly mistakes and potential losses. 

And if you’re paying monthly fees for storing things off-site, the risks AND expenses are even higher. You’ll win big when you create your perfect legacy by NOT leaving things for others to deal with later … and putting an end to unnecessary expenses draining your budget and your energy.

This module teaches you:

  • The PROPER way to inventory AND organize all those overlooked and under-utilized spaces.

  • When it’s strategic to use off-site storage spaces and how to quickly get out of them.

  • The best way to break the chain of passed-down possessions falling to the next generation without a plan or verifying if anyone needs or wants anything.

  • Protecting those valuables you ARE saving for others who actually want them.

  • Clever and inexpensive ways to maximize these storage spaces so they look good and stay organized with minimal effort.

  • How to protect your most expensive asset(s) by actually parking the car IN the garage. Crazy?!

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Papers: Tools & Building your System

In this digital age, getting and keeping your papers organized is even more important AND often one of your biggest challenges—what to keep, what to toss, where to store it, and what to call it! Most people struggle or just give up, OR get lost down a rabbit hole, confused and overwhelmed. 

And then there’s the fear of making a costly mistake and getting rid of something important! Exhaustion tells you to just let it pile up and then you promise yourself you’ll definitely deal with it soon or later or someday. That’s when we become your secret weapon!

What you'll learn:

  • What to keep, what to let go of, what to call it, and where to store it. No more guessing or procrastination.

  • The right way to THINK about papers so you don’t get overwhelmed or stuck.

  • Which tools save you time and which unnecessarily complicate your process, slowing you down and wasting money.

  • Ways to keep your filing system simple AND organized for good.

  • Best practices for naming files, even when multiple people share the same system.

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Papers: Sorting, Processing and Filing

Once you have a filing system and the proper tools, you have to use it and maintain it to benefit from having it. Lots of people build system after system searching for the perfect solution to demystify managing papers … only to never actually finish the project—sorting, processing, and filing. Don’t let that happen to you. 

Dealing with paperwork may never be fun but it doesn't have to be hard or painful, either. There are simple things you can do to stay on top of the constant flow of papers through your home, office, and life. And once you realize how much time you're saving, you’ll feel even more motivated to keep it up!

What you'll learn:

  • How to handle the backlog of papers piling up AND what to do to prevent it from happening again.

  • How to prepare for tax season early so you’ll never have to scramble again.

  • What to do with books, magazines, and other reference materials. 

  • How to audit-proof your files so if you ever ARE audited, you’ll be ready to go, saving money and time (accountants love us!)

  • Our best tips for stopping junk mail, shutting down catalogs, and going paperless safely.

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Entryways

Add it all up and you spend more time in these rooms than any other spaces in your home—and yet you probably take them for granted as just the places you come and go, get some sleep, and clean yourself up. You may think these spaces are easy to organize—you’d be surprised!—and that they have less influence over the rest of your life than the kitchen, living room or family room—another surprise!
How and where you sleep and how you wake up set the tone for your ENTIRE day. To live your best life, you need a restful, safe place to lay your head—not a pile of stuff stacked on your nightstand or creeping across the bed crowding you out. Fold in the bathroom and the entryway and you will NOT want to miss this module!

We'll explore:

  • How to get the best sleep of your life is a space that nurtures you and renews you every day.

  • The ways that messy bedrooms kill intimacy and romance even in the strongest relationships.

  • How to simplify your morning routine with your favorite products and supplies so your day starts strong.

  • The best ways to organize your entryway so you NEVER forget anything important again. Say goodbye to showing up without coupons, gift certificates and other essentials when running errands.

  • How to turn even tiny bathrooms into luxurious spa retreats so you can decompress and relax without staring at clutter.

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Sentimental Objects

You can get organized now but what happens to everything when you eventually leave this life? Do you have a plan? Does anyone else know what that plan is? And where to find all those important documents? Let’s hope so!

Maybe you’re so overwhelmed with even thinking about this sends you running in the other direction. That’s where working with me and my team makes it so much easier for you to navigate the feelings AND tasks that come up when looking at one of life’s realities: we all die. And what about all the stuff YOU have inherited from other people who were less organized?!

Here’s the good news—I’ve got a proven system to make this phase as painless as possible and maybe even fun!

We'll cover:

  • How to take care of precious objects regardless of their monetary value.

  • How to deacquisition valuables such as artwork, antiques, textiles, furniture, and collections.

  • How and where to store important documents like wills, trusts, and health care proxies.

  • The best ways to enjoy your heirlooms NOW and share them with others when you go … without destroying families and relationships.

  • Yard sales, estate sales, and other ways to quickly turn unwanted items into money AND clear the clutter out—a win, win!

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Digital Hardware + Software

Face it, technology is here to stay. And with the mass migration to online learning and remote working, it is ESSENTIAL that you get your digital life organized now! We’ll look at your set up at home and how to get the most out of the equipment you already own.
You’ll quickly learn how to use the machines, apps and software that surrounds you well enough to fool your friends into thinking you were BORN a digital native! And you’ll also organize all those cords, adaptors and other bits and bobs that usually end up tangled in the bottom of a drawer or closet. Regardless of how you feel about these devices today, by the end of this module, you’ll come to see how they can serve you … instead of the other way around!

You’ll learn:

  • What to keep and what to let go of, from old computers to dying cell phones—AND how to do it all responsibly.

  • How to master video communications on any cellphone, tablet or computer.

  • The best way to choose and organize your apps on all your devices.

  • Where to research new electronic purchases so you get exactly what you need at a fair and transparent price.

  • Our top basic and more advanced strategies to integrate technology in a humane way so that the machines are serving you and not the other way around!

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Digital Organizing + Filing

It’s great to eliminate digital clutter in all its physical forms—what about all the files and downloads and emails? They may not take up much space in your room but they sure can slow down your devices AND clog your mind when you don’t have a system for filing or retrieving them.

And what about backing up—either to a disk, a server or the cloud? Are you backing up at all?! Imagine losing your entire digital life with one tech failure or online hack? The solution isn’t to get more afraid—it’s to take control and protect yourself and we have a proven system for cutting through all the jargon and tech talk so you can easily clean up your digital files.
Because the bottom line is either that YOU know where everything is OR you are more vulnerable than you can even imagine!

You’ll learn:

  • Our proven plan for backing up your devices and valuable information, regardless of what technology you own.

  • The best ways to organize your digital files and photos so you can actually find what you’re looking for WHEN you’re looking for it.

  • Ways to tame your email inbox and save time every day.

  • How to quickly eliminate duplicate files and harvest files from retired devices.

 …and so much more!

Module  -  Photos: Organizing Print + Digital Images

If your photos are one of those subjects that stresses you out whenever you think about them, then you’re going to LOVE this module!

Not only will you learn HOW to organize your photos so you can actually enjoy them, we’ve also partnered with to get you 50% ALL digital photos services.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to organize printed photos AND all your digital images, including how to get them off random devices, both yours and others’, and how to protect your precious images in every form. Now you have no excuses for those dusty boxes of pictures under your bed or hidden away in your closets.

We’ll cover:

  • How to harvest digital photos from all your devices, even those belonging to friends and family, so you finally have ALL your photos under one roof.

  • The best ways to organize your photos so you can actually find what you’re looking for WHEN you’re looking for it.

  • How and where to store your photos so you never lose your precious pictures.

  • Tagging, naming and sorting your photos for easy access anytime.

  • The do’s and don’ts to protect print photos from damage and age.

  • The pros and cons of digital frames, DVDs and other storage devices.

  • How to save 50% off all your scanning projects, saving you potentially thousands!

 …and so much more!

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The Estate Planning Workbook
Neatly organized photos stacked and neatly displayed on a natural wooden table.

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Open Office Hours program that ran for a year and a half. All the videos are searchable by topic and allow you to stop and start so you’ll have complete control over how and when you follow along.

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Unstuff Your Life System Digital Workbook

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I'm Ready To Get Organized Now!

In just 10 weeks, you can have a home you love …
and free time for those “someday” projects you’ve been putting off for years.

Right now, you can get the Unstuff Your Life System® for the special price of


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You’ll rest easy knowing whatever you need is nearby and easy to find.
You’ll be the envy of your friends and family instead of embarrassed.
You’ll be confident & ready to meet any challenge with your new tools.
You'll conquer stuff & the stuff behind the stuff … for a happier home!
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You're Protected By Our No Risk 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're 100% committed to you getting and staying organized AND GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK. We know our program is the best on the market and that it works.

That’s why we give you 14 days from the date of your purchase to access the program, attend any live sessions, and review the Member Dashboard along with your bonuses and other features.

If this isn't the right fit for you, we’ll happily refund your tuition.

To be eligible for a REFUND of your tuition, you understand that you must send an email within 14 days to with your request. We also request that you provide feedback of your experience. This is so we can learn what didn’t work for you and have the opportunity to make it better for future clients.

We know that when you take action in our program, you will get RESULTS. And once you get even a taste of the freedom and happiness available to you through this program, we know you'll want more. That's why it's so easy to guarantee this program!

What will your home FEEL like
and who will you BE at the end of this program?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program so special?

That’s easy! There aren’t any programs out there like this one—period.

There are dozens of self-help “get organized” programs, including one from that Japanese lady. 3 things make this program unique and guarantee your success:

1) We teach and coach you LIVE so you get exactly the help and support you need every step of the way.

2) We focus on STAYING organized which is really the problem. You’ve gotten organized a million times already … but nothing sticks. That’s because you’re focused on the beginning of the process, not the end.

3) We focus on YOU and not the stuff. Look, stuff is great but stuff stays right where YOU leave it. The stuff doesn’t need to get organized, YOU need to change HOW you interact with stuff. That’s our secret formula!

I don't have the time to get organized!

You're kidding, right?! More importantly, are you kidding yourself?!

Every day you wait is another day you are stressed out, unhappy and wasting time you will never get back!

Make no mistake about it, the clock is ticking and you don’t have a moment to lose.

Besides, you can work the program at your own pace so even if you only have 15 minutes a day, you can start to shift your home and your life so you get immediate relief. NOW is the perfect time to get and stay organized.

What if I can't make some of the live coaching calls?

Not a problem! We know you have a life, even if it’s a currently bit disorganized!

Every one of our LIVE coaching calls are recorded and placed in your Member Dashboard site so you can watch them whenever you want as often as you want.

Of course, you’ll get the most benefit from showing up live to get your questions answered, but the materials will always be available to you, 24/7/365.

I live alone, can I really do this by myself?

Yes you can!

We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families to get and stay organized for good. Whether you've got some health issues, mobility challenges, ADHD, VAST, other neurodivergences, and even hoarding tendencies ... if you are willing to do the work as you are able, you can succeed.

And the great thing is that once you DO get organized, we will help you find any support you need to STAY organized.

Need help with insurance? We’ve got referrals. How about accounting and taxes? Covered. You’ll finally know what you need to know and what you need to know but don’t need to do so you can get back to living your life clutter- and stress-free.

What if I fall behind?

Not to worry! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the online modules.

And this is not a race so no one is keeping score! You are always encouraged to work at your own pace and you can always go back to any module, watch the videos and get our help when you need it.

PLUS you have LIFETIME ACCESS to our RECORDED coaching calls and our amazing online community.

Keep in mind that our private BAND group is not just a place to socialize and waste time online—this is where you post your homework, your wins, and your challenges so we can comment on and help you solve problems.

This is one of the most powerful aspects of our course. There is not another online course that offers our level of interaction and support and we’re proud of that.

What if I need extra motivation and accountability?

We’ve got you covered! That’s one of the things that makes our program unique.

Not only do you get to use Andrew, the other coaches, and the group for accountability, but you also get an accountability buddy that you can use to stay focused each week and even every day if you want.

Andrew has had the same accountability buddy for years and he can’t imagine running his business without checking in with her.

You’ll also have LIFETIME ACCESS to our expert support in the online private group from Andrew, the Declutter Dream Team and from each other.

Once you’re a part of the Unstuff community, you’ll never be alone again.

We’ve got your back and we’re committed to your success. You also have the option to purchase 1-1 private coaching time with Andrew and his team if and when you need it—all at a program-discounted rate!

Your Instructor

Andrew Mellen
“The Most Organized Man in America”

Andrew is not your ordinary organization guru—he’s been a professional organizer and coach since 1996.

With almost three decades of experience, he has transformed over 500,000 lives with his unique brand of clarity, simplicity, and serenity.

His expertise in organizing has been shared on every continent and through this program. he's now sharing his knowledge exclusively with you.

He is the best-selling author of three books: Calling Bullsh*t on Busy, Unstuff Your Life!, and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.

African-American woman with tablet computer at home

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