What to get rid of on a 3 day weekend

September 2, 2023

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  

While many folks are firing up the grill and enjoying a well-deserved day off, I couldn't help but think about how this extra day could also be a golden opportunity to kick some clutter to the curb and get your life back on track.

After all, who needs an extra day to binge-watch TV when you could reclaim your space and your sanity?! 🧹🌞

So, why not seize this moment to tackle that overflowing closet, chaotic kitchen, or that pile of papers you've been avoiding? You've got a whole EXTRA day to make your space a little slice of organized heaven.

🌟 Here are 3 Decluttering Challenges for the Long Weekend 🌟

Find 10 - 20 minutes and do these!  (Reply to this email for accountability when it’s done!)

1. Do a “Zone Blitz”
Focus on one area at a time. Instead of ripping everything apart in a frenzy of enthusiasm, take your time and tackle your closet, pantry, or that messy drawer. Set a timer for each zone—15 minutes to 3 hours—and watch the clutter disappear.

2. Do the “3-Box Rule”
This is an oldy and a goody because it works. Corralling things that you are relocating as you declutter helps you instantly feel momentum.
So grab three boxes, tubs, or laundry baskets—really any decent-sized container will do. Use one for stuff to keep and move back to their homes, one for things you’re willing to donate, and one for items that are destined for the recycling or worst case, trash. As you move through your spaces, sort items into these boxes to clear surfaces and get you set up for next steps.

The trash and recycling can be discarded every time the container gets full; the donations can be transferred to your car, if you have one, or by the front door so they leave with you on your next round of errands outside the home, and the stuff you’re keeping can be married into their correct homes as you finish your working session for the day.

3. Add one Sentimental Swipe
Feeling sentimental? I get it. As the last major holiday of the summer, this weekend is a great time to examine those items that truly hold meaning for you. And remember, “When everything is precious, nothing is precious,” so don't let sentimental clutter overwhelm your space.

Everything you own isn’t of equal value—monetarily or emotionally. If you gloss over getting clear and honest with yourself, you dis-serve the items, your memories, and yourself—and no one wins.

You end up surrounded by things that more often than not obscure your memories rather than enhance or highlight them–that’s how things remain cluttered.

Why not take this time to examine what’s really important to you, what actually matters and gives you that warm feeling, and let go of things that no longer serve you or delight you?

That will be a labor of love that delivers big benefits to you and those you love.

Are you wondering how you will even find TEN minutes to do this when you have a whole extra day this weekend?

That’s a different topic about decluttering your TIME and guess what? 

We get it here in Declutter-land—life can be crazy busy.

That’s why we’ve created our Calling Bullsh*t on Busy Masterclass.

With all the demands on your attention every day, it's more crucial than ever to be methodical, consistent, and strategic in managing your time—in ways that are easy to do and support your existing commitments.

And may also help you release a few commitments that no longer serve you but persist in eating up your days in big and small ways.

In this 2-part Recorded Masterclass with bonus Q&A, we'll dive deep into time management strategies that work.

We'll debunk the myths of busy-ness and guide you towards a more productive and fulfilling life. Get ready to shed the unnecessary, focus on what truly matters, and make the most of every moment.

So, remember that decluttering isn't just about physical stuff; it's about clearing mental and emotional space, too. Let's continue to make room for what truly matters.

Here’s to more love and less stuff!

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