Ready to get your tech life organized + under control?

It's time for technology to serve you ... instead of you serving technology!

Get Control Over Your Digital Life Now—In 90 Minutes You Can Change Your Relationship With Technology For the Rest of Your Life

Are you tired of fighting with machines … and having them win?!

Do you sometimes feel like your phone and other “smart” devices are controlling you … instead of the other way round?

How about those jumbles of cables and cords stuffed into drawers … and you can STILL never find the one you need?!

And what about Alexa, Siri, Hey Google eavesdropping on your life 24/7?

And why does technology seem to die just when you need it the most?

Shouldn’t there be some way to protect yourself from losing important files and images?

Young adult woman looking in laptop computer, fling arms up.

If you want to learn how to master your digital life, you won’t want to miss this class.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll get a basic understanding of what technology COULD BE doing for you …

And how to maximize the things you already own.

You’ll learn how to organize your hardware, software and apps. You’ll learn how to consistently and uniformly organize and name your digital files.You’ll also get a simple system so you can keep your phone, tablet and computer files organized … and get rid of apps and other software you don’t use fast.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by technology, isn’t it?

Every day you use these machines—your phone, your computer, your tablet …

Maybe you even have a smart speaker, or a thermostat, alarm system, or security camera …

And maybe those things are still in a box … ?

And everywhere you go, especially these days, you’re being asked to order online or use an app …

They always say it’s going to be easier … but is it?

Sometimes, you just want to pick up the phone and get an answer now …

As fast as communication CAN be these days, it often feels delayed and clumsy … right?

And social media doesn’t always feel that social …

Sometimes it feels like a crazy virtual world … which it kinda is …

Male student at laptop getting mad having device software operational problems.

And all of it feels like you’re living in someone else’s idea of how life is … not yours …

Remember when all you had to keep up with was EMAIL?!

Now you get texts … to verify your identity, OPT IN or OPT OUT …

Instead of making life easier, all these things interrupt you and distract you and waste your precious time …

And technology keeps changing …
so you get pinged and zapped each week with updates and patches and glitches that make you anxious AND slow you down at the same time …

Scammers call you up and say they’re calling from Apple or Microsoft …

Or hack your email and hold your computer files for ransom…

And on the flip side, some devices CAN be helpful …

If you’re only using these devices for basic tasks like checking email or social media—are you missing out on some of the biggest time-saving features … ?

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to demystify these powerful tools without getting overwhelmed …

Or trying to keep up with experts who assume you know more than you do?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can use technology to make your life BETTER!

You can get control over the technology that surrounds you right NOW.

You can make smart choices without getting overwhelmed by all your options.

AND you can take back your life and your time … using technology to make your life easier and better …

You can cut through all the noise and learn to focus … and the best part is…

You can learn HOW to do all this in less than 2hours!

Woman in White Shirt Showing Frustration at her computer.

If you’re already feeling pulled in too many directions …

And you can’t keep track of all the stuff you already own …

If you’ve got things and devices you haven’t even set up yet …

And apps you don’t remember installing …

Updates you keep avoiding …

If it seems you NEVER have enough time …

But it feels like you’re also ALWAYS online …

Or trying to keep up with the people you love …

You’ll learn HOW and WHEN to master these supercomputers in your hand …

You’ll learn how to get the most out of the equipment you own …

And you’ll discover ways to stop using technology as a substitute for real connection …

Isn’t the point of all this to have more time for the relationships and activities you actually enjoy …?!

If you’ve ever struggled with:

Jumbled cables, cords and wires
Old or obsolete tech you still need to get files off of
An overflowing inbox of emails
Notifications for updates that confuse you
Apps you don’t use but think you will “someday”
Being afraid you’re going to lose your files or photos
Actually losing your files and photos
Not being able to find your files and photos

Then you’ll get the help you need from this recorded online class …

"This class offers a number of simple and practical strategies for getting more out of my computer, organizing my electronic files, and scheduling and managing my time. Thank you!"

Mia MacDonald
Mia MacDonald

"Since taking this class, I’m doing so much better. I love how approachable Andrew makes technology and how he always ties it back to what’s important to me. Thank you!"

Isabella Buonafortuna
Isabella Buonafortuna

You’ll get a simple, easy-to-follow process that you can use instantly.

Here’s just some of what we’re going to cover:
How to organize your digital files and photos so you can find anything in 10 seconds or less.
Defining how you want to USE technology and then making sure you have the right tools.
The best way to organize your hardware, including cables, cords and adaptors.
Demystifying “smart” technology so you feel supported instead of frustrated.
How to test apps and other software quickly to decide if you’re going to keep it and even pay for it.
How to get the most out of your existing tech before upgrading or replacing “old” devices.
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"This class has been great for building my confidence AND giving me practical tips and easy to follow instructions. Thanks a million!"

Sarah Bryant
Sarah Bryant

"I’m relieved and feel 50 pounds lighter! Thanks, Andrew for helping me take action and set myself free."

Rhonda Wakefield
Rhonda Wakefield

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Enroll...

Simple, easy solutions for email, apps, hardware and software
Instruction on how, when + where to back up
RECORDED class taught by “The Most Organized Man in America”
The same content Andrew’s taught at American Express, Nationwide Insurance, and NY Open Center
365 DAYS ACCESS to the video recording: over 90 minutes of in-depth training
BONUS LIVE Q+A directly after the training
BONUS “15 Ways to Simplify Your Email” Guidebook
BONUS recording of Q+A session
BONUS “Perfect Password” recipe so you always remember your passwords
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Grab your access to this class and bonus Q+A recording for just $97!**

To support you and our community during CV-19, we’re making these classes affordable to everyone with this discounted pricing.

Meet Your Coach

Andrew Mellen
“The Most Organized Man in America”

Andrew is not your ordinary organization guru—he’s been a professional organizer and coach since 1996.

With over 27+ years of experience, he's transformed over 500,000 lives with his unique brand of clarity, simplicity, and serenity.

His expertise in organizing has earned him accolades from clients worldwide, and now, he's sharing his knowledge with you.

Andrew is the best-selling author of 3 books: Unstuff Your Life!, Calling BS on Busy, and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.

"Andrew’s take on digital organizing makes so much sense! So simple and so amazing!"

Tammy Preston
Tammy Preston
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Grab access to this class and bonus Q+A recording for just $97!

*To support you and our community during CV-19, we’re making these classes affordable to everyone with this discounted pricing.
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