LOVE your home again!

February 13, 2023

Did you know February is National Love Your Home Month? 

Let's use this month to make your personal space a sanctuary, and start working towards finding ways to LOVE your home again.

One thing we all need is a living space where we can rest, recharge, recover from stress…

If you’re like most of our Unstuff Your Life community, it can seem difficult to declutter — especially after a long day at work, dealing with family, and all the other tasks on your plate! 

Here’s the truth — taking control of clutter is essential in more ways than one. Learning to let go of the things that no longer bring happiness or function into your life means you’ll have more space… 

More space physically, mentally, and emotionally, for the things that you do love and that bring you happiness. 

Letting go of the “stuff” you don’t need or want creates room for something new in your life… and so I invite you to take the month of February (which is National Love Your Home Month) to LOVE your space again.

To help you, here’s a post I wrote last year on 5 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Spaces. 

Looking for more guidance and support? Our popular Destress Your Mess LIVE Challenge will be held next month ​​on March 20-24th — click here to join us for 5 daily sessions with my best tips on decluttering all your hotspots + lots of bonuses!

I hope to see you there! 

Here’s to more love and less stuff (outside and inside!) 


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