Decluttering as an act of liberation … this Fourth of July!

July 3, 2023

Here in the USA, the Fourth of July is just around the corner!

As we gear up to celebrate our nation's freedom, it's a perfect time to chat about freedom from clutter, too.

So, whether you live here or just appreciate the best that America stands for, decluttering can be a powerful way to create a sense of liberation in our lives. 

So let's dig in and explore how we can infuse our lives with freedom by clearing out the clutter.

1. Embrace Letting Go
Just like our founding fathers—where were the founding mothers?!—cut ties with the past to establish a new nation, we can liberate ourselves by saying goodbye to the things that no longer serve us. Letting go of excess stuff opens up space for new possibilities and both a literal and figurative breath of fresh air.

2. Mental Clutter Be Gone
By now, I’m guessing that you sense that true freedom isn't just about physical possessions; it's also about decluttering our minds.

It’s time to challenge those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding us back. By freeing ourselves from mental (and emotional) clutter, we pave the way for more creativity, joy, and potential to flow into our lives.

3. Make Room for What Matters
This country was founded on a deep value for individual freedoms along with a commitment to the common welfare of all citizens. And while, like each of us, we do that better on some days more than others … we always have the chance to improve.

Likewise, we can bring those same values to our homes and hearts. 

Take a moment to evaluate what truly brings you joy, ignites your spirit, and aligns with your values. Clear out the clutter and make space for the things and experiences that truly matter.

4. Embrace the Liberation of a System for Organization
Can we talk about the sweet feeling of having a system that actually works?

Establishing an efficient organization system, like the Unstuff Your Life System®, liberates us from the chaos and stress clutter brings.

Simple rules including The Organizational Triangle®, easy-to-follow routines, smart and practical storage solutions, and streamlined living free up time and energy to embrace the freedom we yearn for.

So, as we get ready to celebrate another year of independence from being governed by external forces not always invested in our own well being, let's dig into lasting ways to liberate ourselves from clutter.

As I often say, decluttering is not just about stuff, in fact it’s seldom about the stuff itself—it's about breaking free from the “stuff behind the stuff” and reclaiming our spaces, both physically and mentally.

This Fourth of July, let's extend the celebration to our homes and lives by decluttering, organizing, and embracing the true freedom that comes with simplicity.

As you gear up to celebrate Fourth of July, instead of lighting off a bunch of sparklers or fireworks, why not ignite your passion for reclaiming your time and simplifying your schedule instead?

Wouldn’t you love to say goodbye to endless to-do lists and hello to a life of true freedom and balance?

In my latest book, I tackle the myth of busyness head-on, offering practical tips, hilarious anecdotes, and life-changing strategies to help you break free from the chains of overwhelm.

So, while you're relishing the joy of independence this week, don't forget to carve out a little "me time," and set yourself free, too!

Grab your copy of Calling Bullsh*t on Busy now and make this Fourth of July the turning point in your quest for liberation from busyness. Your future self will thank you!

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