Are you ready to break through the mental and emotional blocks that have held you back ... possibly for years?

In just 90 days, you'll...

Get the kind of mindset coaching and clarity to tackle any project, big or small … including the ones that delight and maybe scare you a bit!

Learn the fundamentals of project management so you'll gain the confidence and competence you need for any project, any time.

Have both resources AND results—no more waiting for someday or later to create the life you've only dreamed about—it's finally yours.

Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

Are you feeling stuck … or even overwhelmed trying to get a project started?

Maybe you’re waiting for permission before you get going?

Or maybe you've got so MANY ideas you don’t know which to do first … so you don’t do ANY of them?

Do you wish you could just get OUT of your head and into action ... even if it’s not perfect?

Do you dream of writing a book … or going back to school … renovating your home … starting a business, launching a product ... or even planning your retirement …?

Would a small, supportive group with weekly accountability give you the structure and direction to finally get moving?

Then Your Next BIG Thing™ is just what you’re looking for!

Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

Are you tired of waiting for the "perfect" time to take action?

Does this sound like you?

You’ve been sitting on your dreams for a while now.

You’ve got a million reasons why it’s never been the “right” time and still you just feel so restless and impatient, or depressed and frustrated …

Maybe you spend all your time helping everyone else achieve their goals, wondering when will it finally be YOUR turn?

You know in your heart that it will NEVER be your turn unless you take the chance and just do it ...

But how do you do that without feeling guilty?

Frustrated woman looking out over her balcony, deep in thought and stressed.

Maybe you want to focus on your HOME, or your LEGACY, or your CAREER …

Maybe you don’t know WHAT you want, you only know that it isn't what you've got right now  …

And you do want to leave the world a better place for the people you love …

EVEN if you don’t know exactly what that itch is … Your Next BIG Thing™ can help you figure it out and make it happen.

You get all these benefits when you sign up …

A supportive coaching program that gives you direction AND keeps you accountable.
A roadmap and a system for making decisions that line up with your values.
Direct, compassionate feedback so you get clarity AND back into action fast.
Weekly mastermind sessions where you will tap into the collective wisdom of the group.
Twice monthly 1-hour group coaching sessions, 6 total (all recorded in case you miss one.)
Monthly implementation sessions where everyone’s momentum soars at the same time.
Frequent lessons on improving your mindset and building your confidence.
Time and space to figure outYour Next BIG Thing™ … even if you don’t know what that is yet.
Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

Are You Ready To Put YOURSELF first and start Your Next BIG Thing™?

You can set yourself free from limiting beliefs and let go of old habits ...

Shift how you SHOW UPincluding how you sabotage yourself ...

Stop relying on “winging it” and just squeaking by?

Become a part of a loving, supportive community where everyone shows up ON TIME ready to do the BIG WORK?

Then don’t put it off any longer … you deserve to be fulfilled and happy, too.

Want to see how it works? Here’s a month-by-month breakdown ...

Month 1:     Preparing for Success

Month 1 is all about getting you and your mindset set up for success.

You'll learn the fundamental principles of great project management. You'll also get to experience your first Implementation Session and your first Mastermind within the program. Imagine how much progress you can make working alongside your cohort each month during the Implementation Session.

This is just one more way the program is designed to keep you engaged and break those old habits of procrastination and overthinking!

Week 1:   Project Management Fundamentals I + Mastermind + 3 Hour Implementation Session

  • Topics include: Mindset • Multitasking • Overcommitting

Week 2:    Web Based Tools + Bonuses + Mastermind

  • Topics include: Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana, Trello + Other Web-based Apps

Week 3:   Project Management Fundamentals II + Mastermind

  • Topics include: Imperfect Action • Managing Expectations + Success

Week 4:   Micro-Lesson, Initiation, planning , Mindset + Mastermind

  • Topics include: Motivation • Thoroughness • Patience

Using the classic Mastermind structure, you'll share good news for the week, BIG wins, and some gratitude along with last week's accomplishments.

You'll experience the powerful nurturing and accountability you can only find in true Mastermind groups as you share the coming week’s promises. You'll also get the chance to ask for answers, brainstorming solutions, and other feedback from the collective wisdom of the Mastermind and your cohort.

Month 2:     Dig Deep + Plan BIG.

You'll plan until you think you're finished and then you'll review your plan with Andrew to see if you've missed anything. By the end of this month, you'll have more confidence AND know exactly how much time, money and other resources you'll need to successfully complete your project on time and within budget.

Week 5:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind + 3 Hour Implementation Session

  • Topics include: Planning • Scope Creep • Other Ways Projects Fail

Week 6:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind

  • Topics include: Defining and Refining Goals • Deliverables • Budgets

Week 7:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind

  • Topics include: Dealing with Deadlines • Effective Communication

Week 8:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind

  • Topics include: Creating + Managing Teams • Leadership • Your Power + Agency

Month 3:     Implement Your Next BIG Thing™

Month 3 is where you'll implement Your Next BIG Thing™ ... if that didn't start last month. If your spirit animal wasn't your inner tortoise, it is now! You'll start DOING and you'll quickly see how the support of the group encourages you AND holds you accountable. Gone are the failed attempts, the familiar disappointments and the stories where this is just one more opportunity or dream slipping through your fingers. You'll be carried along on the momentum of everyone working hard AND having fun because YOU will be working hard and having fun, too. And you'll end the program with lifelong tools and strategies that you can use to tackle any and every project for the rest of your life.

Week 9:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind + 3 Hour Implementation Session

  • Topics include: Execution + Control, Part 1 • Managing Resources

Week 10:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind

  • Topics include: Execution + Control, Part 2 • Oversight • Correcting Course

Week 11:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind

  • Topics include: Execution + Control, Part 3 • Commitment • Breakdowns

Week 12:   Micro-Lesson, Mindset + Group Mastermind

  • Topics include: Termination • Inflexibility • Responding to Change • Wrapping Up

Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

PLUS: You Get These Not To Be Missed Killer Bonuses!

We've packed this program with all kinds of goodies to add value AND guarantee you'll get everything you need to succeed!

Click here to see all the amazing bonuses!
Oh! Let Me See!
Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

You're Protected By Our No Risk 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Everyone here at Andrew Mellen Inc. is 100% committed to you getting and staying organized AND GETTING YOUR LIFE BACK. We know our program is the best on the market and that it works.

That’s why we give you 14 days from the date of the first class to participate in our live classes, and access and review the Member Portal and other features.

If you do the work and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund your tuition.

To be eligible for a 100% REFUND of your tuition, you understand that you must schedule a call with us by emailing us at to provide feedback of your experience. This is so we can learn what didn’t work for you and have the opportunity to make it better for future clients.

AND we do this because we want you to take action in our program and experience the freedom and happiness you said you wanted when you signed up.

It’s our way of lovingly holding you and us accountable for your success!

Who will you BE and what will you have DONE at the end of this program?

Your next BIG thing for starters!

You’ll be more confident to take on any size project ...

You’ll know how to finish projects ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET...

You’ll have the mindset AND competence to face any challenge ...

You’ll feel alive and connected to yourself, to source and your loved ones without guilt, shame or regret...

Woman during graduation, happily blowing confetti into the camera lens.

You’ll be part of a diverse, thriving community of enthusiastic friends who cheer you on at every turn.

Elated woman passing the finish line of a marathon. Celebrating as confetti rains down around her.

You’ll be in the driver’s seat of your own amazing life, deeply aligned and living every day in harmony with your values.

Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

Here's everything you get when you sign up for Your Next BIG Thing™...

FOREVER access to Your Next BIG Thing™ Member Library, including all video training and Q&A sessions that you can access 24/7/365.
LIVE calls every week during the  program (all recorded in case you miss one).
3-hour monthly implementation sessions to get so much more done than by yourself.
A weekly Mastermind where you can brainstorm, solve problems, get clarity AND strategize your crucial next steps.
An accountability buddy to keep you honest, engaged and accountable to yourself and the group.
Woman summiting a challenging climb, elated and happy having accomplished her goal.
Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the weekly session take place and how do I access it?

Your Next BIG Thing™ meets together for 12 weeks. Each of the 12 sessions are scheduled for Saturday at 11AM Eastern and happen LIVE via Zoom. You will receive your unique login and password once you join the program, along with all applicable links.

What if I miss one of the live coaching calls?

Not a problem! We know you have a life. Every one of our LIVE coaching and Q&A calls are recorded and placed on our private membership site so you watch them whenever you want as often as you want. Of course, you’ll get the most benefit from showing up live to get your questions answered, but the materials will always be available to you, 24/7/365

What if I begin to fall behind?

Not to worry! You have FOREVER ACCESS to the online modules and recordings. Once you join you can always go back, watch any videos, and get our help on BAND when you need it. PLUS you have FOREVER ACCESS to your amazing BAND Mastermind group. Keep in mind that BAND is not just a place to socialize and waste time online—this is where you post your progress, your wins, AND your challenges so we can comment on and help you solve problems. The whole cohort is there and that makes this one of the most powerful aspects of the program. There is not another online coaching program that offers our level of interaction and support—we're proud of what means for your success.

Am I on my own? What if I need motivation + accountability?

We’ve got you covered! That’s another thing that makes YNBT unique. You get accountability from every direction so you're never alone.

You get your very own Accountability Buddy (AB for short) and you two can be in touch every week or even every day if you want. AND you also get the group coaching every two weeks.

Together, this recipe for success means that you can't help but stay focused and productive.I’ve used my accountability buddy for the past 4 years and I can’t imagine running my business without checking in with her. You’ll also have FOREVER ACCESS to our expert support at BAND—from me, my team, and from each other. Once you’re a part of the YNBT community, you’ll never be alone again. We’ve got your back and we’re committed to your success. You also have the option to have private time with me or my team if you need it—and that can be arranged for an additional investment.

Is this a worthwhile investment for me?

Investing in yourself and your own growth is the most valuable investment you can ever make. Read the testimonials and even schedule a free call if you'd like. And remember, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee so you have literally nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you can spread your investment over 3 monthly payments without any handling charge to make this as easy as possible.

What if I don't have time for this course?

Are you kidding me? More importantly, are you kidding yourself?!

Every day you wait is another day you are stressed out, unhappy, and wasting time you will never get back! Make no mistake about it, the clock is ticking and you don’t have a moment to lose. Besides, you can work as much or as little as you need each day to accomplish Your Next BIG Thing™. You are in control—the goal here is to give you the tools, structure, and system so you can succeed for the next 90 days and beyond.

What kind of action will I take with what I have learned

You'll learn how to start and finish any size project so the only things you'll ever have to juggle are your level of commitment, focus, and execution.

When you sign up for Your Next BIG Thing™, you are getting a system that works and is completely scalable. If you do the work, we assure you that you will see the results.ever get back!Make no mistake about it, the clock is ticking and you don’t have a moment to lose. Besides, you can work as much or as little as you need each day to accomplish Your Next BIG Thing™. You are in control—the goal here is to give you the tools, structure, and system so you can succeed for the next 90 days and beyond.

Start Your Next Big Thing NOW!
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