National Clean Out Your Computer Day

February 12, 2024

This Monday, February 12th, isn't just the start of a new week—it's also National Clean Out Your Computer Day! It's the perfect time to tidy up our digital space and make it feel fresh again.

This special day is not just another day to look at all those random cables, extra keyboards, and other pieces of hardware lying around.

It’s a day dedicated to removing the clutter from your downloads folder, your desktop, and all the other places where unneeded, unwanted, and unused files, folders, images, and other stuff are clogging up your machines and slowing both you AND your computer’s brain down.

1) Streamline Files and Folders: If you don’t have a system for naming and storing files, they’re just going to be piling up. Come up with a predictable list of categories that you can use to create or rename folders then organize your documents into those folders. And while you’re at it, clear out any unnecessary files. Remember, a clutter-free desktop is a productive desktop!

2) Update and Uninstall: Remove unused applications and update software—those notifications are there for a reason! Doing this will free up valuable space. Because a well-maintained system runs smoother and faster!

3) Backup Important Data: Ensure your files are backed up securely. If you’re using an external hard drive or server, make sure it’s plugged in and working. If you’re also backing up to the cloud, review your settings to make sure they’re still accurate and functioning. These two actions will give you AND your computer a much-needed safety net for when something bad happens!

4) Digital Inbox Cleanup: Tackle that overflowing inbox and stop using it as a “tickler” file. Delete unnecessary emails, then organize the ones that matter into folders—15 mins a day max will help you achieve inbox Zen!

It’s not like you need to wait a year for National Clean Out Your Computer Day to get your digital life in order, right? Every month you could set a timer for 15-30 minutes and tidy up your computer to boost your productivity, reduce stress, and create a digital environment that supports achieving all your goals.

Let's take full advantage of this upcoming Monday to start our week on a productive note.

To more love and less stuff!!

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