Get Your Time Back,  Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout

In as little as 60 minutes, you AND your audience will never think, feel or act the same way with time, money or stuff. Guaranteed.

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Tired of ... "I'm so busy?!"

Well, Warren Buffett says, "busy is the new stupid," and we say busy is just bullsh*t ... plain and simple. No one ever complains about doing something they love.

Break free from the story of "too much to do and not enough time to do it." 

Everyone gets the same 24 hours—the key is learning how to invest them in high value activities and letting go or delegating all those other tasks that don't increase revenue, profit or happiness.

Andrew's most popular presentations:

portrait of busy businessman drinking coffee and sitting at workplace while colleagues helping with work in office

Calling BS on Busy®

Saying you're busy is like saying you're breathing—of course you're busy ... or at least occupied! Why not stop the 7 Deadly Time Thieves™ from running your day and your life into the ground? You can learn how to get more done in less time with less stress ... and actually enjoy your free time w/o guilt.

Wellness When Working From Home

Systems, hacks and tricks for solving the WFH mashup fast. COVID is only the most recent warning that flexibility and adaptability are essential. Learn how to get everyone back on track now AND quickly meet future challenges without losing your cool or your focus.

A packed room performing Andrews signature 'organizational triangle' during one of his public talks.
Andrew speaking on stage at 2019 Bucharest Technology Week.

Unstuff Your Life!

The program that started it all. Fun and fast-paced decluttering AND life advice to get you organized for good. Based on Andrew’s #1 Audible and Wall Street Journal best-selling book of the same name. Adaptable for all ages and groups.

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Powerful, high energy and interactive!

Andrew’s practical advice on how to improve productivity and organization is impressive. After seeing him speak, we immediately booked him for the IRMI Construction Risk Conference with an audience of 2,000 participants. His powerful yet simple hands-on tips helped our audience quickly improve their productivity and time management at work. And everyone loved his high energy and interactive presentation!

Joel A. Applebaum - Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer, IRMI
Joel A. Applebaum - Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer, IRMI

Enlightening and impactful!

Andrew’s sessions with our CEOs and their executive assistants were enlightening and impactful. We all left the event more conscious of the true costs of disorganization and mismanagement of time and with easy-to-implement tools to take back control of our work days and lives. And finally, we got the fastest cure for procrastination: “Eating the Frog.” Excellent!

Rob McLaughlin - Learning Chair, YPO-Oklahoma City
Rob McLaughlin - Learning Chair, YPO-Oklahoma City

The Hard Costs Of Disorganization…

are draining your business more than you might think!

$12,000 Gone!

Executives waste 6 weeks per year searching for lost documents. That’s $12,000 lost for every $100,000 earned.

7 Weeks Per Year Lost!

280 hours (7 weeks per year!) are lost by workers seeking instruction and clarification.

30 Minutes Vanished!

Did you know that 30 minutes are lost per interruption? Every 10 minutes technology interrupts  your workers and it can take up to 23 minutes each time to recover.

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Really brought home the message!

Andrew created a 360 experience that empowered attendees to take control of their ‘stuff’ and most importantly, their time! His relatable stories, real-time saving techniques and strategies for tackling the clutter—digital, email, stuff, wasted time—brought home the importance of time management for our young insurance leaders. Everyone valued the workshop approach where attendees spent some time in self-reflection and some time working together. I challenge anyone to see Andrew speak and NOT bring at least one new strategy home!

Susie Bonner - AVP Marketing & Communications, IIABA
Susie Bonner - AVP Marketing & Communications, IIABA

$70,000 in the first 3 months!

In April we broke an all-time sales record. Then in May, we broke that record by $70,000! Nothing that I’ve ever attended has been nearly as useful or productive—and Andrew’s tools can be applied by anybody in any business setting. If somebody called me and asked me if I should work with Andrew, I would say absolutely 100%.  If you’re the decision-maker, make that decision.

Casey Nelson - Principal, Integrity Insurance Agency
Casey Nelson - Principal, Integrity Insurance Agency

Call BS on busy, and you can:

Increase productivity and efficiency by 25%—instantly.
Learn why multitasking never works and what to do instead.
Crush interruptions before they happen and stay focused—even in open floorplans.
Conquer procrastination and learn how to overcome the fog of overwhelm.
Happy businesswoman enjoying a scheduled video call on her laptop, feeling organized and fully in control of her day.
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More Event Feedback …

So good we brought him back again!

We had ‘The Most Organized Man in America’ in to train our open enrollment class and Andrew was so good, we brought him back to lead one of our signature programs. His Time Management training is loaded with practical and useful tips on keeping organized, decluttering and prioritizing. Andrew is a very charismatic, gifted speaker—he engages the audience, commands the room, and on top of being a real pro, he’s super fun and funny!

Orit Shani - SR Recruiter, NYC Economic Development Corporation
Orit Shani - SR Recruiter, NYC Economic Development Corporation

Amazing impact!

Andrew had the most amazing impact on our PricewaterhouseCoopers team, giving them valuable, real-life time management tools. He truly changed their story about their day-to-day challenges, expertly guiding them from ‘busy’ to ‘effective.’ Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jenifer Madson - CEO, Mindful Leaders Academy
Jenifer Madson - CEO, Mindful Leaders Academy

50 minutes was not enough!

Andrew’s keynote presentation at our annual Estate Planning Conference was a highlight of the day. Feedback from the audience was terrific and everyone left the presentation wanting more—50 minutes was not enough! Andrew’s message about the impact of organization and time management on our happiness and productivity at home and work really resonated with our members. And many people commented on how useful these tools will be when working with our own clients.

Ruth Flynn Raftery - President, Estate Planning Council of New York
Ruth Flynn Raftery - President, Estate Planning Council of New York

Great job!

Andrew did a great job as the keynote speaker for our annual tax management retreat. This year’s all-day program was by far the most successful and critically acclaimed, in large part due to his presentation and workshops. His practical takeaways were entertaining and engaging and gave our attendees the tools they needed to become more organized and efficient. I recommend Andrew to any organization wanting to improve the quality of life of its members!

Robert Charron - Partner-In-Charge Tax Department, Friedman LLP
Robert Charron - Partner-In-Charge Tax Department, Friedman LLP
Andrew Mellen speaking at Camp David 2019

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