The only way to STAY organized is to change how you THINK about, FEEL about, and ACT with stuff.

Focusing on STUFF with your current mindset is like painting a broken-down car a different color and expecting that to make it run.

I get why it might surprise you that your mindset is keeping you stuck, so hear me out…

After working with over 500,000 people and businesses since 1996, here’s what I can tell you:

It doesn’t matter how many times you paint that car, a new coat of paint isn’t going to fix a busted engine.

Now, I’m not saying your engine is busted.

But if you’ve been living in a cluttered space for way too long…

And you end up right back where you started no matter how many times you try to get organized... it might be time for a tuneup.

In the 10 years since publishing my best-selling book, Unstuff Your Life!, I’ve received thousands of emails from people just like you…

People who desperately want to get organized, but who can’t seem to wrap their heads around this “it’s not about your stuff” approach.

And who can blame them?

When you’ve tried over and over again to create a change, but backslide time and time again…

It is easy to stay stuck in the fear that this time won’t be any different.

That’s why I recently asked myself, “What’s the main difference between students of mine who’ve ‘created change,” and students who’ve transformed their lives…”

And the answer that came to me was Mindset!

Because when you combine a winning mindset with the systems I’ve laid out for you in Unstuff Your Life! you become unstoppable … and transformation is yours.

To help you develop that winning mindset, I’ve created Unstuff Your Mind. It’s the first program of its kind!

Unstuff Your Mind

is designed specifically to help you fix:

Why “WHY” doesn’t matter, and how focusing on “HOW” will get you the results you want.

How your inner dialogue is your worst enemy and how to make it your biggest cheerleader.

3 steps to quickly build confidence so you can finally STOP second guessing yourself.

I know that may sound a little intimidating or even hard to imagine, but I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people get and stay organized...

Including people who thought they were a lost cause and simply resigned themselves to a life filled with stacks of paper, lost keys, and piles of clothes.

Now, let’s be real…

Changing how you think about, feel about, and interact with your stuff won’t happen overnight.

But it’s also not as hard as you might think.

In fact, I’m committed to making it as easy as possible for you, which is why I created this brand new course.

In Unstuff Your Mind, I’ll walk you through the exact steps my most successful students have taken to identify and eliminate the root causes of their long struggle to get and stay organized.

I’ve answered every question…

Why do I always seem to backslide no matter what I try?

What if I’m really attached to my stuff?

What if I’m scared to get rid of something because I might need it someday?

And much much more…

Think of it like this…

My Unstuff Your Life! book helps you create results in your OUTSIDE world.

Unstuff Your Mind will help you declutter your INSIDE world...AND help you ensure you STAY organized, by going deeper into the root of the problem—your mindset.

We’ll even get clear on your Non-Negotiables—those possessions you can’t imagine letting go of.

We’ll also uncover how to make clear, confident decisions without regret or second-guessing yourself … and more importantly, how to say goodbye to things when you’re ready.

Click the button to get instant access to Unstuff Your Mind for a one time payment of $147.

Yes! I'm Ready to Unstuff My Mind!

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in Unstuff Your Mind:

Module 1: How You Think About Stuff

Chances are you don’t think much about HOW you think about stuff. If you do, it’s usually whether or not you like it, or you’re angry or frustrated because you can’t find it, or it’s not doing what you want it to do. Module one is going to help you change that, because it’s key to getting and STAYING organized.

Together we’ll uncover:

  • Discovering how to think about stuff in a way that allows you to either sort it or let it go and be at peace with your decision

  • Finally understanding why getting and staying organized seems so impossible.

  • The “200 lies” preventing you from breaking free of clutter.

Module 2: How You Feel About Stuff

The rich, convoluted ways we feel about our stuff go deep...deeper than most people realize. Remember, we were hunter-gatherers for eons—where do you think those instincts went?!

You’ve probably said you love your cell phone or love your sweater, and maybe you think it’s just a figure of speech. But if someone were to take your phone or hide that favorite sweater, how would that make you feel? Really?

How you feel about stuff has to shift if you expect to get and stay organized, so in module two,

I’ll be showing you:

  • How and why holding onto stuff that triggers negative emotions like shame, guilt, rage, regret, and even grief blocks your ability to get organized and any lasting happiness.

  • Why feelings aren’t facts, and why giving them equal weight imprisons you in more ways than you can even imagine.

  • How to overcome feelings of overwhelm when you’re faced with a mountain of stuff to sift through.

Module 3: How You Interact With Stuff

Without first examining whether something has a right to stay in your life (or not), you end up moving it from space to space. You believe you just haven’t found the “perfect” place for it yet, or that a new container must be the solution.

Not the case at all, and in module three, I’ll show you the real reasons you can’t figure out where to put things.

We’ll cover:

  • How to group your possessions so they STAY organized and you remember where they are.

  • Why pretty boxes with snazzy labels will NOT help you keep track of stuff—in fact, they often make it more difficult.

  • A super simple technique to make it easier to let things go, without guilt or regret.

Module 4: Making it Stick Like Glue

You’re ALSO getting an entire BONUS module designed to make everything you’re about to learn Stick Like Glue! 

Once your outside spaces match the way you feel inside, EVERYTHING changes. A whole new world opens for you. 

In this special bonus training, I’ll show you how to take your new skills and mindset and apply them to all areas of your life, so you can finally live the amazing life you want without feeling bogged down by stress, overwhelm, and helplessness.

Yes! I'm Ready to Unstuff My Mind!

I have literally never offered this training this way before, and I am thrilled to offer it to you today—and hand you the secrets to the amazing life you’ve always wanted...a life where you aren’t bogged down, stressed out, overwhelmed, or feeling helpless.

I’ve helped over half a million people and businesses get and stay organized—in their spaces, AND in their lives.

No matter the person and no matter the company, it ALWAYS starts with how they think, feel, and interact with stuff.

Here’s how thoughts and feelings inform actions that lead to your results…

Click the button below and join me to Unstuff Your Mind. You’ll get the secrets you need to erase clutter and chaos from your spaces—and your life—for good!

To your freedom and amazing life,

Casey Nelson - Principal, Integrity Insurance Agency
Yes! I'm Ready to Unstuff My Mind!

Click the button to get instant access to Unstuff Your Mind for a one time payment of $147.

Yes! I'm Ready to Unstuff My Mind!

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Andrew is not your ordinary organization guru—he’s been a professional organizer and coach since 1996.

With over 27+ years of experience, he's transformed over 500,000 lives with his unique brand of clarity, simplicity, and serenity.

His expertise in organizing has earned him accolades from clients worldwide, and now, he's sharing his knowledge with you.

Andrew is the best-selling author of 3 books: Unstuff Your Life!, Calling BS on Busy, and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.

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