3 Simple Steps and 101 Organization Hacks to Take Back Control of Your Home

September 27, 2021
“Organizing is something you do before you do something so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. – A. A. Milne, Author of Winnie the Pooh

In this article, I, once again, take a look back at three of our most popular, fan-favorite posts from the past few months to learn more about what interests you as our readers and how I, as a Professional Organizer and coach, can help YOU reach your goals. 

In our previous “best of” article, we discussed the “Top 3 Resources on Estate, Legacy, and (Green) Funeral Planning”.

Over the past few months, our readers have really appreciated articles focusing on tips and steps to take when organizing different areas of their homes. 

Two of the three articles we’re highlighting below focus on small tips to make big changes in conquering clutter, and the third offers easy steps for getting organized, and more importantly, staying organized

So, if you cringe when you think about all of the stuff piled up in your home, keep reading. You'll find links to the original articles and quick recaps of each. 

It’s safe to say we all desire an organized home, even if we aren’t sure how to create one. 

And during the pandemic, we have all been forced to face our clutter and disorganization like never before. 

If being at home through quarantines and social distancing has evoked feelings of claustrophobia or suffocation, instead of an opportunity for peaceful times of reflection, you are not alone. Tens of thousands of people are overwhelmed each day by the things cluttering up their living spaces.

Our homes should be our sanctuary away from anxiety, a place to relax and recharge…not another source of stress in our daily lives. 

But most people just can’t figure out how to conquer the piles of stuff that we find ourselves attached to. 

Or the stuff that we lie to ourselves about needing. 

Or the stuff that we purchase, not because we need it, but because it temporarily satisfies a subconscious urge to fill any empty space. 

Or the stuff that we cling to out of a misplaced respect for or attachment to memory. 

With the information in these articles' resources, you’ll get the tools you need for “when” & “how” to get started. So you may have just run out of excuses for not starting to change your life today—Right NOW in fact. Enjoy!



The first two articles below are Part 2 & 3 of our 3-Part, “Organize Your Home With These 101 Hacks” series. In Part 1, we discussed ground rules, entryway, and kitchen/pantry organization. Part 2 covered bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, cars, basements, and garages. And Part 3 focused on sentimental items and papers.


Just the thought of organizing your entire home can feel overwhelming. Our 101 organization hacks give you confidence to take on your hidden areas and the foundation for success by teaching you how to tackle the clutter in small, simple steps that will lead to HUGE success. 

It’s time to face up to the clutter in some of our most private areas like bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, cars, basements, and garages. 

These are the areas where our good intentions fail us. These are the places we heap our stuff into…all the while deceiving ourselves that we will take care of it someday soon. 

 But “someday” doesn’t exist. 

These piles are easy to ignore…until they aren’t. Take back control from the clutter in your private, personal spaces. 

Our next article continues this 3-part series.



Getting organized doesn’t mean throwing out all of your prized possessions or finding a new identity. 

Instead, getting organized teaches us how to keep the objects that bring us value and bring value into our lives. The stuff that we share our lives with should bring comfort, convenience, and/or beauty into our spaces. 

When everything is precious, nothing is precious. 

Without considering outside opinions, ask yourself, “What do I value?”. The choice of what to hold onto and what to let go of are completely up to YOU and only YOU. 

This article will help you answer those questions and give YOU the confidence to begin your decluttering journey by organizing some of the most emotionally entangled possessions that you can own. 



Does your home bring you a sense of peace or STRESS you out?

As we return to “normal” life by starting back to the office or school, traveling, eating out, etc., we may find ourselves drowning in the post-pandemic clutter that we have acquired over the last few years. 

We’re all trying to adapt to ever-changing realities where new virus strains have the potential to shut down our favorite retail establishments, classrooms, or send us back into our homes to change our routines, all over AGAIN. 

The good news is that it doesn’t matter what is happening around us. There is ALWAYS a way to get organized and stay organized. Follow these 3 steps TODAY, and say goodbye to clutter. 


The Bottom Line

You know that you have a clutter problem and you’re ready to tackle it head on – amazing! 

And now you have over 100 ways to take back your home. Stop fighting with clutter – it always wins – it’s inanimate. Let go of clutter and YOU win. 

If you are still feeling a bit overwhelmed, a great first step is to prioritize a to-do list. Don’t give in to the self-perpetuating fibs that you don’t have the time to organize your home. 

There is always enough time for what’s important – when you know what IS important. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about the clutter plaguing YOUR life it’s time to DO something about it. Make 2021 the final year that you fear the clutter in the personal spaces in your home. 

Everything comes down with how you think about, feel about, and deal with STUFF. Join me and other clutter warriors like yourself on this week’s podcast “Decluttering Guilt: How to Let Stuff Go Without Feeling Guilty?”

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