De-Stress Your Mess Aug 7-11, 2023

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by chaos?

Ready to admit you just can't get organized? 😕 

Here's some refreshing news: it's not you!

And it's definitely not about the clutter.

What if we told you—the secret isn't controlling clutter or investing in fancy storage solutions! 📦❌

You aren’t broken or simply "not good" at organizing … quite the opposite! 💔❌

The real game-changer? It's hidden inside your own beliefs. 💡✅

Let Andrew Mellen, 'The Most Organized Man in America', TEDx speaker and best-selling author, be your guide to decluttering nirvana! 🗂🌈

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un and engaged community
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So, take the next step with me and my team—sign up for the challenge!

In just 5 days, August 7 thru 11, 2023
MondayFriday, 8:00–9:00 PM EDT

Join us every night LIVE for 5 days and turn your life around.

It’s just $19.97 to kick-start decluttering your spaces.

Why $19.97? Because studies show that even a small investment on your part significantly improves your chances of completing a program and achieving your goals.

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In just 5 days you'll...

Identify the top 3 stressors in your home … hint … they’re not what you think they are!

Break old habits that are draining your energy, killing your motivation, and keeping you stuck!

Get a simple, clear plan to transform into a sanctuary as calm as a Zen retreat!


Don't let your home drain you of your precious energy and enthusiasm any longer.

Betty struggled every day to just make it through the day ...

She'd start the day racing around to get the kids ready for school ...

Then lose another 15 minutes looking for her keys and her phone ...

She'd stumble into work and fight her way through another day ...

Then grab some dinner for everyone on the way home ...

Or spend 30 minutes trying to figure out what to make for dinner from what she had laying around ...

A few precious moments with her kids and her husband and then it was time for bed ...

She'd drag herself into the bedroom ... where there were clothes piled on the floor ...

More stuff piled on the furniture ...

And she'd tell herself that over the weekend, she'd finally get a handle on all this clutter ...

Sound familiar ... ?!

Then Betty signed up for the Challenge ...

She did the homework and started to see real results ... and her family did, too ...

She showed up and made some serious headway ...

And by day five, she was laughing and having fun ...

She could finally see that there wasn't something wrong with HER ... she wasn't broken or damaged or stupid ...

She just didn't have a clear understanding of HOW to get organized ...

Or any way to stay organized, either ...

And now she had the proper mindset, the right tools AND the confidence to use those tools, too ...

And the best part is…

Like Betty, YOU can learn HOW to do all these things, too—in just 5 days!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

Day 1:   Digging out of piles of paper

From learning HOW to approach any organizing project to actually digging yourself out of piles of paper, DAY 1 will set you up for success! Most importantly, you'll begin to explore the mindset that is holding you back and get some quick wins to build momentum and shake things up.

Day 2:   Claustrophobic closets from hell!

Sick and tired of standing in front of your closet hunting for something flattering AND clean?Are your favorite garments crowding out the stuff you never wear so you just grab anything to end the misery and start your day? On DAY 2, you'll learn how easy it is to make over your closet AND create a system that will keep it organized for good.

Day 3:   Kitchen on life support?

If the heart of YOUR home is having a heart attack, help is on the way! You'll learn the secrets that professional chefs use to keep their kitchens organized and functioning at peak performance. DAY 3 gives you simple hacks to organize everything from your fridge to your pantry, whether you're in a tiny apartment or a sprawling mansion.

Day 4:   Getting unstuck from sentimental objects

When more things come in than go out, it's not surprising that clutter is hard to tame. That's why, on DAY 4, we look at sentimental objects and the other things that tend to stick around long after we wish they would just leave. You'll explore the ways that "story" holds you hostage and stops you from living in the moment. You'll also get some bonus worksheets that will help you turn the corner and finally get unstuck when your resistance is weak!

Day 5:   The 3 secrets to de-stress your mess for good!

3 things are keeping you from getting and staying organized and they will blow your mind when you discover what they are! You'll get to see how these secrets have held back other smart and accomplished people just like you. They, too, have been stuck until they learned what you'll learn today. On DAY 5, you'll learn what you've been doing wrong, possibly for years, and what you need to do to finally break free from the crippling stress and anxiety that is constantly plaguing you, even when you're sleeping.

Imagine how free you'll feel after this 5-day challenge ...


Plus, every day of the challenge, you get an amazing bonus!

A stylish bag packed with all the bonuses included within Andrews 5 Day Challenge, bursting out with confetti.
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Wondering what YOUR home will be like after the challenge?

Never lose your keys, cell phone, mail, or bag … ever again!
Imagine finding anything in 30 seconds or less—no more frantic searches.
Say goodbye to piles and stacks of papers on countertops and floors.
No more guilt or holding on to gifts and things that no longer serve you.
Simple strategies to get you organized and keep you that way for good.
Have company over without racing around and hiding stuff in closets.
Your investment? 5 hours and $19.97—no hidden or recurring charges ever!
Get all this AND MORE … in just 5 days!

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The fun—and yes, this IS fun ...

Starts on August 7 and runs through August 11, 2023 ...

o get ready to transform your space AND your life!


Your Instructor

Andrew Mellen
“The Most Organized Man in America”

Andrew is not your ordinary organization guru—he’s been a professional organizer and coach since 1996.

With over two decades of experience, he has transformed over 500,000 lives with his unique brand of clarity, simplicity, and serenity.

His expertise in organizing photos has earned him accolades from clients worldwide, and now, he's sharing his knowledge exclusively with you.

He is the best-selling author of three books: Calling Bullsh*t on Busy, Unstuff Your Life!, and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.