6 ways to celebrate National Working Parents Day

Today is National Working Parents Day—a day to celebrate these heroes in our lives.

Life as a parent, whether working in or outside the home, is not easy.

For those parents who leave home for work, they have a few additional challenges.

You wake up in the morning and are immediately tasked with getting not only yourself, but any number of children ready and out the door.

You go to work and put in your eight (or nine or ten!) hours before making the journey back home.

And even then, it’s hardly the end of the day.

If you are the primary parent, you may have to shuttle kids around, cook dinner, clean the house, do laundry and ensure that everything is set up for the next day before bedtime.

Either way, making sure that teeth are brushed, outfits are laid out and everyone is tucked nicely into bed may revolve around making and packing lunches, finishing homework and loading backpacks so everything runs smoother the following morning.

Then, and only then, can a parent relax and catch their breath for a moment, before either focusing on personal tasks that need attention or simply laying out an outfit and slipping into bed themselves.

Any parent juggling the competing demands for their attention is a superhero.

A working parent may be in a class of hero beyond super as they run households and businesses at the same time.

So today we have a 24-hour opportunity to pause and appreciate the time, energy and money they have worked so hard to make available to their families when we celebrate National Working Parents.

Whether you live with your parents or not, today is a day when you can go out of your way to soften the day for those working parents.

Here are a few ways that you can help them celebrate:

1) Cook dinner.

2) Make and pack THEIR lunch for tomorrow.

3) Tidy up the house.

4) Clean up the house.

5) Do a load of laundry—including folding it and putting it away.

6) Thank them.

However you choose to celebrate National Working Parents Day, at the least be sure to say, “thank you,” to the parents who have taken on everything they have to make your life as comfortable and manageable as possible.

Should you become a working parent at some point, only then will you truly comprehend the level of commitment and generosity most parents who work operate at every day.

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