Create A Room Fit for A President

February 21, 2022

After all, whether you spend 10 minutes or 10 hours at home a day, when you finally close that door and shut out all that noise and chaos, settling into something that feels comfortable AND stylish to YOU is all that really matters.

So this week, we’re going to look at how you can simply borrow (or steal!) from great designers and other stylish folks to show off YOUR personality and create the perfect room theme, regardless of your budget.

Let’s start by acknowledging that themed décor isn't just for kids' rooms; used anywhere, it creates a sense of harmony by bringing furniture, art, decorations, and even knick-knacks together.

And in honor of President’s Day, let’s look at the White House as an excellent example of beautiful room-theming, since it wasn't always the cohesive space that it is today.

Designing The White House

In the early 1960s, Jackie Kennedy made it her mission to give the White House the makeover she felt it deserved...AND in doing so, preserve those grand rooms for generations to come.

She enlisted the help of French interior decorator & designer Henry Francis du Pont to create the perfect look for every space.

During their administration, the Kennedys created the White House Historical Association and hired the first curator to the staff.

They also had the White House designated as a museum and then passed a law that the Smithsonian would receive anything that the first families didn't want, as another way of preserving history for future generations.

Preparing Your Space

Of course, particularly when it comes to clutter, your home is NOT and should not be a museum … that’s a sure-fire way to get stuck surrounded by lots of things that may have a history but no longer serve you today.

So, to avoid that pitfall, focus instead on things that support you and how you like to and want to live in your spaces. Make the items you have around you earn their place by adding something to either the function OR the quality of your life in one way or another.

And if there are currently too many things for you to see clearly, take a few deep breaths and then slowly evaluate each item to determine if it makes the cut and can stay in your new design.

Things to consider are visual harmony and texture—do the objects you currently own fit well together? Is there “flow” or does your eye get snagged when it slides across the room?

If something stands out and just doesn’t belong, find it a new home—either inside your home or inside someone else’s!

Few things will kill a great design faster than unneeded STUFF clashing or crowding your room.

Choosing A Theme for You

"If you want things to be right, you have to do them yourself." - Jackie Kennedy

Surprisingly, Jackie Kennedy didn't rely on outside help alone; she did a lot of the design research herself for each room.

And while you may not have the budget or historical references that she did, it is essential to take enough time to plan out your design goals as you begin. 

So regardless of your budget or the historical significance of YOUR home, you, too, can pick a theme that reflects your taste and values.

And remember, a theme is more than a color palette or idea; it's the glue that binds everything together. For example you could have a blue theme, or a zebra theme, or an ocean theme… whatever inspires you, the options are endless. 

Regardless of how lovely something looks, if you can’t relax in the room you haven’t completely succeeded. There’s a reason rooms are roped off in museums—they aren’t meant to be used. But your home is, so if everything has to be wrapped in plastic for it to look good, you haven’t finished yet …!

It’s always best when you can shop at home … and I don’t mean online! What can be brought from your various rooms to pull your perfect design together? You may be surprised at how relocating a few pieces of furniture, art or other decorations can quickly transform a dull, lifeless room into a fresh new space ready for you, if not the President him or herself!

The Bottom Line

Jackie Kennedy had a lot of support when choosing designs, but you don't need a team of professionals to create a room theme fit for a President.

With all the digital tools and apps available today, it’s both easy AND simple to borrow from the best to quickly transform any space, at home or work. These resources are almost like having your own design team at your beck and call.

One of the funniest and easiest ways to start is by creating a vision board or designing a color palette for your space. That way, you can engage your imagination and creativity before you move a single thing around. 

And if you don't need an entirely NEW design and just want to spruce up your existing design to rekindle your love affair with it … check out our last few blog posts on Easy Ways to Transform Your Home and 5 Tips to Fall in Love With Your Space Again.

Creating the perfect spaces for you and your family is relatively easy—but maintaining a fully functional space is where so many of us fall behind.

And that’s why we are committed to helping YOU find the knowledge and support you need to succeed…at home, at work, and for LIFE.

If you are ready to stop trying and start doing, we offer a simple program that will teach you how to remove every single obstacle that stands in your way to having the home of your dreams.

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