There are plenty of community resources ready to help you lighten your load. Here is a growing list of resources to help you unstuff your life and get on with the things that really matter!

Every effort has been made to ensure that these links are accurate. We offer no responsibility for bad links or less-than-helpful reception. If you happen to find a bad link or are treated poorly, please let us know! And, if you come across an exceptional local or national resource that worthy of sharing with others, please send it along to: hello@andrewmellen.com.

National Resources:

These organizations offer their services across the U.S.
Follow these links to interact with them or to find a local chapter or division.

1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688) This is not a website.
This number is maintained by all three credit bureaus.

Art Supplies:

Crazy Crayons

Art of Recycle

Warm Up America!

Materials for the Arts


Adopt a Library

Book Crossing

Books for Africa


Catalog Choice

Direct Marketing Association Choice: The belly of the beast — use caution!

Federal Trade Commission: Their take on privacy + junk mail + spam

National Do Not Call Registry: Eliminate robocalls and other junk calls.

Opt-Out of E-mail

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Junk mail and privacy Information


The Consumerist: More junk mail advice


Clothing Swaps

Dress for Success


Reuse A Shoe: Nike steps up to recycle sneakers

Souls 4 Soles: No more shoes in landfill or hanging off lamp posts!


Big Sunday

Catalyst Foundation

Free Cycle


Habitat’s ReStore

The National Council of Jewish Women

The National Furniture Bank Association

The Salvation Army

Vietnam Veterans of America

Green Practices/Environmentalism:

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Elder Wisdom Circle: Missing your grandparents and wishing you could get some good advice? Try these folks!

NeighborGoods: A great resource for sharing stuff locally RATHER than buying it!

Sharable: More collective consumption

The Good Human

Time Banks

Trade A Favor: The perfect response to,"Hey, can you just do me a favor?," Point 'em here and set 'em loose!

VeggieTrader: While this site is no longer actively updated, there are still lots of good links and info here

Vinegar Tips

Volunteer Match: Got some time to share but not sure who needs you? Check this out.

Home Ownership:

Home Exchange

HUD’s Housing and Rental Assistance

Making Home Affordable Program

Human Rights:

Citizens Commission on Human Rights

National Domestic Violence Hotline

USDA’s Nutrition Assistance Programs


I Have Wings

Recycle Nation

Recycling for Good Causes


One Sight: For Donated Eyewear

Project C.U.R.E.

Micro Lending:

Kiva Loans


If you must shop, here are some sites where you can get coupons and other discounts.



Mr. Rebates


Appliance Recycling Centers of America

Battery Solutions

Call 2 Recycle


Eco-Cycle: Take recycling to the next level.

Grass Roots Recycling Network

Terra Cycle

World Environmental Organization


Cell Phones for Soldiers

Computer Hope

US Environmental Protection Agency: National Guide to recycling electronics

Regional Resources:


Check out these orgs doing good work in Cali -- lots of help available here!

The Away Station

Echo Park Time Bank: Los Angeles neighborhood lend/swap cooperative site


(My hometown! Here are some orgs doing great work in the Motor City.)

Recycle Here!

City of Detroit's Recycling Page


(Check out these sites for your H-town organizing needs.)

City of Houston's Recycling Page

NY Times Article about Houston's lack of recycling: C'mon Houston, step up!

Techs and Trainers

New York:

(My adopted hometown. The city that never sleeps has tremendous variety in the places and orgs that deal with stuff.)

NY Cares


God's Love We Deliver

NYC Recycle: NYC's on it. You'll find what to recycle and where, including composting and electronic waste. Rock on!

Refashion NYC

The Green PC: Computer recycling in NJ

Urban Garden Center: This neighborhood garden center has a community compost drop off.

Wearable Collections: Where to recycle clothing and textiles


Plenty Local

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