Change your behavior one day at a time

January 16, 2015

It's not easy running a marathonif it were, we'd all be doing it.Instead of demanding 100% consistency from yourself, remember Bonus #1 in our Top 10 Tips for Resolutions (Expect to Backslide).It happens to everyone.It is more helpful to renew your commitment to change just for today.Confine any worrying or fretting about your goals to the next 24 hours.As one of my coaches, Mark LeBlanc, likes to say, "Everyone can take one more step."Regardless of how you're feeling, chances are you can do anything for one more day."One day at a time" let's you release the need to measure your progress and focus only on your actions.The results are both none of your business and sure to take care of themselves if you put in consistent effort.Your worry does nothing to move you forward.It's ok to be nice to yourself as well as you're building new behavior.Beating up on yourself or too much rigidity will likely lead to failure.Remember that failure breeds failure, success breeds success.Finally, most of us can recall the fable about the oak and the willow.When the weather was fair, it seemed as if the oak was the stronger tree.When the wind kicked up, it became clear that the willow, with its ability to bend, was really the stronger of the two.TODAY'S ACTION: Do you have a daily practice of meditation, quiet reflection or simply planning out the day before it begins?Incorporate the renewal of your resolution/commitment into that daily routine.Share your technique with us on FB or tweet it out: #iamorganizedTODAY'S OPPORTUNITY:Do you feel like you need some support in making the kinds of changes you're striving for? Our upcoming webinar, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, may be just what you need to get practical tools for making lasting changes.Why struggle alone when you can join me for 90 minutes of no-nonsense instruction, guidance and expertise to get you back on track and staying there? Get the help you need to change your life. For good.

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