DYM Challenge: Change Your Life In 5 Days

January 10, 2022
“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.” 
Cicely Tyson

We’ve talked the past few weeks about resolutions and starting each new year with a plan and at least a few aspirations to make the upcoming year better than the last. 

But it is hard to improve yourself when your environment stays the same. 

And while we can all hope that 2022 looks different than 2020 and 2021, things are still uncertain … far beyond just Covid. 

One thing is sure, though: your home needs to be a place you can rest, relax and recharge or you’ll never have the energy and focus you need to succeed.

You’ve got to have someplace you can land that is both safe AND a peaceful retreat … not a cluttered mess. 

So if the new year has already exhausted you and it’s barely begun … 

If you wake up each day feeling overwhelmed and stressed out because your home or office is cluttered and disorganized—we’ve got the perfect challenge for you. 

Our 5-day De-Stress Your Mess Challenge, which runs from Monday, January 17 through Friday, January 21, will give you the tools to enjoy more time, money, and freedom in 2022. 

The De-Stress Your Mess Challenge will give you exactly what you need to get your head on straight and shift your mindset to address your clutter … and so much more.

And then, give you easily achievable goals (and challenges!) so you can quickly conquer these 4 major clutter hotspots:

  • Countertops & Surfaces

Imagine how free you will feel when all of your surfaces and countertops are decluttered and clear of paper piles.

Take a look around right now at all the surfaces in your home and really see what’s going on there. What do you notice? Random piles of mail, maybe your keys, tchotchkes, knick-knacks, a few plants in various degrees of health… -

Our first module will begin with some fundamental steps you can take when dealing with ANY kind of clutter and then home in on digging yourself out of the paper piles that can quickly overtake any surface. 

Together we will start to explore the mindset that has held you back while also building some decluttering momentum with some quick, easy wins. 

  •  Closets

How much time could you save if you didn’t have to do a daily clothes hunt through a disorganized closet? 

When you look through your closet do you see an abundance of clothing that you actually wear or just an excess of outdated styles, “maybe one day” outfits, and a surprising waste of space? 

If you are tired of throwing away precious minutes every day staring blankly into your closet, wishing something flattering and clean would jump out at you and make itself seen through all the other chaos and clutter, you won’t want to miss this session. 

You’ll be amazed at how much stress you’re carrying around and how much time you’re actually wasting when you work your way through this piece of the Challenge … and you’ll learn how easy it is to create a closet organization plan that will last you for the rest of your  life. 

  • Kitchen

Kitchens should be one of the most functional spaces in a home but they are often loaded up with all kinds of things that DON’T belong there in the first place—from dead electronics to random office supplies, I’ve seen just about everything IN a kitchen that would never be used in a kitchen.

Add into the mix unused appliances and unread cookbooks not to mention all those mismatched and incomplete storage containers, and you can quickly see why kitchens are clutter magnets.

Seriously, storage containers without their lids or bottoms are the kitchen’s version of the sad mate-less socks floating in the bottom of your dresser drawers!

So whether you love to cook or live on take-out and microwave meals, help is here! 

After years of working in commercial kitchens, I also share some “secret” organization methods used by professional chefs to keep their kitchens tidy and running at peak performance. 

And it doesn’t matter whether you live in a tiny house or a mansion—these simple decluttering hacks will tame your entire kitchen, from the fridge to the cabinets to the pantry. 

  • Sentimental Objects

Are you holding onto stuff that is loaded with memories even if you don’t use these things and in some cases, even like or want them?

The feelings that come up for some people when it comes to sentimental objects and mementos can be the hardest to navigate.

As a result, sentimental STUFF can end up sticking around years after they have overstayed their welcome … and even when you wish they would disappear, their hooks are so deep in your heart and psyche that you can’t seem to break that bond.

Until now. 

You’re going to learn how and why these objects are so sticky and what you can do today to let go of the things you no longer need or want, regardless of their story. 

You are going to learn how to transform your personal space from its current state as a stressful mess and turn it into a calm retreat … in just five days.

Because after we tackle these 4 major clutter hotspots, you’re going to discover the 3 biggest reasons your past attempts at getting and staying organized have failed.

And why so many people seem trapped in an endless cycle of “yo-yo” organizing.

When you discover these 3 secrets that hold back even the most intelligent and accomplished people, you’re going to be so surprised AND you’ll also be amazed at how simple the solution is. 

You’re going to learn how to identify the clutter that freaks you out AND haunts your mind day and night … even when you’re sleeping. 

And what’s your investment for this 5-Day Challenge? 

5 hours of your time for the classes, another 5 hours max for your homework, and exactly $1 …

So why aren’t we offering this challenge for free instead of charging $1? 

Because when you invest just 1$, YOU have a much higher rate of success—like 3 times greater! 

Studies have shown that investing just $1 improves YOUR chance of success by a factor of 3X.

Of course, this Challenge is worth way more than 1$, but this is one of the ways we give back to our amazing community each year.

And we’re hoping that YOU will choose to invest in yourself since we’re investing in you. 

So if you are serious about decluttering your home and your life in 2022, block out your calendar, put down your dollar, AND register for the De-Stress Your Mess Challenge today.

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