You Are More Than a Diagnosis—How Mindset Creates Your Best Results

April 4, 2022

It seems that many people seek out a diagnosis as if simply having a label for a set of symptoms or conditions were an end in and of itself—but it’s not. 

Just knowing why something is the way it is doesn’t mean you’re any closer to addressing the underlying cause or situation, let alone coming up with a workable and sustainable solution.

Unfortunately, many of us also grab onto a diagnosis with a degree of confidence and fatalism as if the diagnosis somehow seals our fate and proves that we are doomed to a diminished life filled with clutter and crappy results … because of X, Y or Z diagnosis. 

When it comes to clutter specifically, I hope you don’t miss the irony of celebrating any label when many of the cluttered things surrounding you are probably currently UNLABELED and UNSORTED themselves.

Either way, in this interview, you’ll hear how Jake Odmark’s diagnosis was the beginning of his journey, not the end.

So whether you have ADHD or any other clinical diagnosis that you’ve taken as the ONLY reason for why you’re currently surrounded by clutter, please check out this piece.

You’ll quickly learn that any diagnosis is only as useful as you make it when strategizing how you will solve the problem it's describing. 

Feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, exhausted, or confused doesn’t give you a pass from taking care of yourself. 

Sure, you need to acknowledge HOW you feel but you should also acknowledge that by either moving a muscle, changing your thoughts, OR getting a bite to eat or a bit of rest can also change how you're feeling in less than 24 hours.

So few things may actually be as dire as you are making them out to be with your current view of the world and your prospects.

If you’re willing to do the work, even 15 minutes at a time, you can spin that limited mindset on its ear and blow up that gloomy projected outcome—it just takes one step to get you on a new path.

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