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Mindful Monday | Stop complaining & do something

Mindful Monday | Stop complaining & do something

You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”
Shirley Chisholm

God, I miss Shirley Chisholm.

She was a pioneer in politics and an inspiration to many—here are just a few of her accomplishments:

  1. First African-American woman voted into Congress.
  2. First African-American candidate to run for President.
  3. First woman to run to be the Democratic nominee for President.

Getting elected to Congress or running for president isn’t easy for white men. As a black woman born in 1924, either of those things might have seemed impossible. Plenty of obstacles beyond her control could have deterred her from accomplishing any of the goals above and making progress for us all.

But they didn’t.

The next time you complain about the challenges you face and the progress you’re making or not making, don’t beat up on yourself. Don’t indulge yourself either.

Channel your inner Ms. Chisholm and dig in.

To make sure you’re ready to take on anything the world has to throw at you … check out her documentary Chisholm ’72 Unbought & Unbossed.

You can’t help but feel inspired by her razor sharp intelligence, wit and common sense.

As a professional speaker, I am in awe of her commanding use of language and concise arguments to persuade and humble even her most belligerent opponent.

As a citizen, I am called to action by her insistence for a place at the table.

Whatever you are facing, you are not alone and we can all learn so much from her willingness to show up in spite of tremendous institutional prejudice and rise above.

With Shirley leading the charge, surely a little (or a lot of) clutter will be no match for you. Progress is yours.


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