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Andrew’s Message is Simple

Get rid of clutter and everything opens up.

And everything means everything—your workspace, your home, your time and your life.

Ever catch yourself saying, “I love my cell phone?”

You can bet it doesn’t say the same thing about you.

When you let go of clutter, you will finally have free time for what matters—all those “someday” projects and deferred dreams.

Why wait another day to be as happy as you can be. You deserve it!


From papers, emails, photos and sentimental objects to kitchens, closets, basements and garages, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to achieve every organizing goal:

  • Never lose your keys, wallet, purse or cellphone again
  • Stop mail, magazine and paper pile ups for good
  • Unlock the power and simplicity of The Organizational Triangle®
  • Finally get a handle on e-mail, computer files, sentimental objects and photos
  • Learn to tell the difference between urgent and important
  • Make choices based on your values instead of reacting to circumstances
  • Get past your feelings and reclaim your space from all that accumulated stuff

The Most Organized Man in America's Guide to Moving

Say goodbye to mess and stress with The Most Organized Man in America’s foolproof guide.

Moving sucks. But getting smart about your approach to the process can save you time, money, and heartache from the start. One of the pioneers of professional organizing, Andrew Mellen knows a thing or two about sorting, packing, and finding more joy in less stuff.

This handy book also demystifies topics like insurance, changing your address, and how to decide whether to hire a pro to transport your belongings or DIY.

The guide includes:

  • A foolproof checklist to keep you on track right up to moving day
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on how to sort your belongings once and for all
  • Tips and tricks for moving with kids and pets
  • Suggestions for moving with disabilities
  • Access to a printable library of useful resources and free bonus materials


ACTUAL Amazon Reviews

It does something I think is really smart, and perhaps unique
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In my opinion, this is THE book on this topic. It enabled me to de-clutter two homes; my own and that of my Dad, who had dementia and passed away, and move into Dad's house in an organized way. I literally could not have accomplished what I did without this book. It covers every room in your home, in a practical, step-by-step way. But first, it does something I think is really smart, and perhaps unique: it examines the emotional, psychological ways in which we "saddle" ourselves with things that do us more harm than good. I found it pleasant reading. I felt the author really understood my situation, and was calmly and reassuringly leading me toward the solution to my problem. I felt encouraged. I found myself more and more excited about de-cluttering, as I saw more and more empty space (!) in my home. It gave me a great feeling of freedom. That is why I give this book my highest recommendation with no reservation. After I read this book, I had some credit on my Amazon account, and a friend asked me to help her de-clutter. I had heard of Marie Kondo's book, so I bought it, thinking something in it might help me to help my friend better. Bad idea. There was not one useful idea in her book that wasn't covered better in Mellen's. There was, however, a lot of what I consider a waste of time: how to fold your socks, thanking your clothes for protecting your body (I'm not joking, here), and the terrible time Kondo had in her life before she figured out the right way to tidy up. The relatively few people who gave this book a low rating appear to either not have read it, not liked the writing style, or refused to really TRY this guy's suggestions.
Ms. P
Thoughtful, sensitive, AND practical
Read More
Everything else I've ever read on this topic has always felt cold, practical maybe, but cold and also somehow unrealistic -- like I was left thinking, yeah that makes sense but I could never do it, maybe a robot could. In this book, Andrew Mellen talks about what's really happening when you deal with your stuff... the thoughts and feelings attached to things... and gives useful, followable instruction on how to acknowledge them and then complete the task in a very caring and human way. I'm left feeling inspired and motivated to free myself from all the stuff I don't need.
Daniel M Tayag
Quite literally changed my life
Read More
This book has done wonders for me. I've always been a little disorganized and a little messy and Mellen's no-nonsense, step by step approach to getting your life in order is exactly what I needed. This book starts small with steps to never lose your keys again and sorting your mail but moves on to larger topics like addressing an unhealthy reliance on things and the value we place on objects, in general. The book takes you room by room and task by task, stick with it and by the time you're done with've got a sorted life. And you would be amazed at how stress relieving that is! I borrowed this book from the library, worked through it and decided to purchase as I know it's a text that I'll want to refer to as I move through life, eventually owning a home and an office etc... Anyway, if you've got any sort of problem with clutter, be it small or exceptionally large I can't recommend this book to you enough. PS - Haven't lost my keys once since reading this book! And I would lose them every. single. day. Good luck with your Unstuff journey!
Robert (Buff) Leboeuf
Trapped by stuff everywhere? This is the solution.
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I have purchased many "clutter cure" books but this is by far the best one I have ever read. Mr. Mellen gives a clear and concise path for finally getting rid of the junk surrounding you and keep that way. On a simple premise of "like with like" and "a home for everything" he walks you through just about every conceivable scenario for improving your cluttered world.
Patti DeMars
Not a quick fix but so thorough it will produce profound lasting chanves.
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Due to acting on the ideas presented in this book, my home and life are neater and easier to manage than at any other time in my long disorganized life. This is a step-by-step and reason by reason book to sustain your motivation for the Long haul.

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Yep, you are gonna have to change your whole life ... in the meantime, why not get an EXTRA HOUR EVERY WEEK in just 15 minutes?

Download this FREE cheatsheet for immediate relief!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.