The Most Organized Man in America’s guide to getting and staying organized. For good.


From papers, emails, photos and sentimental objects to kitchens, closets, basements and garages, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to achieve every organizing goal:
•  Never lose your keys, wallet, purse or cellphone again

•  Stop mail, magazine and paper pile ups for good

•  Unlock the power and simplicity of The Organizational Triangle®

•  Finally get a handle on e-mail, computer files, sentimental objects and photos

•  Learn to tell the difference between urgent and important

•  Make choices based on your values instead of reacting to circumstances

•  Get past your feelings and reclaim your space from all that accumulated stuff







The Most Organized Man in America’s guide to organizing your business. For good.



Whether you’re a solopreneur or a C-suite executive at one of the Fortune 50, you’ll find tips, tools & solutions for every organizing goal:


•  How to finally break free from procrastination and get things done
•  What to do to stop interruptions before they happen
•  Why multi-tasking always fails and what to do instead
•  How to run effective meetings and when to avoid them
•  When technology makes things easier and when it’s a time trap
•  What to do instead of overcommitting and under-delivering
•  Simple strategies for managing email more effectively
•  The secret truth of how you’re actually spending your time and how to fix it
•  When to leverage your calendar to get more done every day
•  How to easily migrate to a paperless office and still find anything in 30 seconds or less
•  What, when & how to delegate to staff, contractors and virtual assistants


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