30 Good Ideas: Like With Like

Andrew Mellen 30 Ideas to Simplify Your Life in 30 Days 750x540The second leg of The Organizational Triangle®: Like With Like.

Like WIth Like is one of those principles that people often overcomplicate.

Or try to cut corners on.

Resist the urge to put MOST like things together while keeping a few special or frequently used items someplace else.

Without fail, once you start applying this principle, you will go looking for something only to find that what you’re looking for isn’t with its siblings.

It’s tucked away someplace else.

Someplace you swore you would never forget because it made so much sense to you in the moment.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting and staying organized.

Don’t take something as simple as The Organizational Triangle® and try to customize it.

It’s simple for a reason.

Because it works.

Tomorrow … Something In, Something Out.

Today’s challenge: set a timer for 60 seconds and settle into your breath, then set the timer for 7 minutes. Get your container from yesterday and start finding homes for all the things left laying around.

If you run into the situation where an item you’re trying to put away doesn’t have a home, consider what it’s like and find it a home with its brothers and sisters. It’ll will be happy and you’ll be able to find it in 30 seconds or less. Guaranteed.

Advanced challenge:
If you’ve already done this before:
set the timer for 7 minutes and walk around your home. Head to trouble spots or places where stuff tends to accumulate. Review if you have cut any corners and are storing things NOT like each other with each other because you don’t have enough room—in which case you should at least containerize like objects so they don’t blur into a random pile or clump.

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