Clutter = decisions deferred

When it comes to getting and staying organized, I’ve yet to meet anyone who wouldn’t benefit from stepping up their game. Even the most organized of us can continually fine tune our processes.

Remember that the primary goal is always to uncover and recapture every minute that can be rescued from disorganization and to then spend it on something more important than a misplaced document or cell phone.

More love, less stuff! means just that.

Let’s spend the maximum amount of time doing the things we love with the people we love and the minimum amount of time fretting over lost or misplaced items, missed deadlines and other consequences of disorganization.

One of the biggest creators of disorganization and clutter that will keep you chasing your tail is just setting something down on any open (or not so open) surface, thinking you’ll put that item in its proper home some other time.

Clutter = decisions deferred.

The next time you pass a surface thinking, “I’ll just set this down here NOW and come back for it LATER ….”

Please think again.

You just created a two-part task where one would have been sufficient.

And you created the possibility of misplacing something since it won’t be in its home when you go looking for it next.

The situation is further compounded IF there are other things also on that surface that might obscure your view when you get around to searching for the first object.

Pay now or pay later … it’s always more on the way out.

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