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Andrew Mellen Professional Organizer NYC | Keynote Speaker | Time Management + Decluttering Expert: About
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Andrew’s message is simple

Get rid of clutter and everything opens up.


Everything means everything—your workspace, your home, your time and your life.


Without clutter to distract you, you will finally have free time for what matters, whether that’s baking cookies for a local fundraiser, tackling world hunger
or taking your company to another level of productivity and efficiency.


Andrew believes that clutter is a physical obstacle people place between themselves and happiness. It pains him to see anyone wasting precious time procrastinating or worse, building one-sided relationships with inanimate objects—because he knows those things can never reciprocate a person’s misplaced affection. Ever catch yourself saying, “I love my cell phone?” You can bet it doesn’t say the same thing about you.


One of the pioneers of professional organizing, Andrew frequently travels the globe speaking and teaching. He also finds time to maintains a private practice that began in 1996, working one-to-one with individuals, as well as one-to-many with SMEs, non-profits and multinational organizations including Genentech, American Express and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


He is passionate about organization, sustainability, mindfulness, transformation and lives by his motto: More love, less stuff!


Find out how Andrew’s expertise, compassion and sense of humor can help change your life and your relationship with stuff today.


Awilda Acosta

After completing 20 years of dedicated service in Human Resources, Awilda realized that her passion was not in HR. After some soul-searching, she discovered that what really made her happy was helping people get organized. When she heard that AMI was looking to find the first apprentice to “The Most Organized Man in America”, she was ecstatic–and feels that meeting and working with Andrew has been one of the most encouraging experiences of her life. She is thrilled to be part of the AMI team and spread the gospel of More Love, Less Stuff!

Geeta Bachani

Geeta is a sales and marketing specialist with over ten years of experience across several industries. With a BS in Molecular Genetics from UCLA, Geeta started her career in the lab at Siemens. Gifted with a natural sales affinity, Geeta moved from the laboratory into Entertainment and started working in marketing at LionsGate Entertainment. Since then, she has gained experience in sales and marketing in industries such as Fashion, IT and Healthcare. She is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for AMI.

Maya D. Haynes

Maya is a writer, producer, administrator and artist wrangler who has worked across all industries mostly with small businesses, non-profits and artists of all mediums to structure their systems, manage + train staff and build events from the ground up. When offered the position as Executive Assistant to “The Most Organized Man in America,” she jumped at the chance knowing that she would incorporate her diverse skillset into a thriving organization whose mission is very close to her heart–helping people make room for more love in their lives.

James A. “Buff” Parham

Buff’s entire career has been characterized by an ongoing commitment to performing at a high level while “pushing the envelope” at the same time. Buff has over 35 years of media sales/sales management experience coupled with success as a coach and revenue specialist. Immediately upon meeting Andrew at a speaking event, Buff began to glimpse the possibilities for expanding the Unstuff Your Life! brand and joined the team as Chief Revenue Officer.


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