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The Organizational Triangle

The Organizational Triangle®

Professional organizer Andrew Mellen developed these three simple and powerful rules to guarantee your organizing success quickly and for good.

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Decluttering is just the start. Want to work one-to-one with a professional organizer? Or looking for workshops, exercises and events to help you get and stay organized? You’ll find it all here.

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From the NY Times to Nate, Oprah, and Martha, professional organizer Andrew Mellen’s appearances showcase his compassion, humor and direct approach to simplifying your life.

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Designed by a professional organizer, you’ll find easy, effective classes to simplify your life in as little as 30 days. From papers & filing to back to school systems, we’ve got you covered. Sign up today!

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Andrew Mellen is so much more than an organizer. He has moved my life forward in ways that no thing or no one has.Dr. Lisa Acocella

The workshop was so inspiring, I went home and was able to let go of some items that I have been holding on to and keep the memories instead!Debby Jasinski, workshop attendee

My friends and I have been purging ever since your workshop, just like the people you told us about! It sure does feel great to dump some of the unnecessary stuff!Charlene Berman, workshop attendee

Whether it's your home or your head—Andrew Mellen shows how to achieve organizational success!Peter Walsh, author
“It's All Too Much” and “Enough Already!”

Andrew Mellen changed our lives! Not your run-of-the-mill organizer, Andrew helps his clients get to the heart of their organizational problems through their hearts. I look at stuff in a completely different way now!Tina Sabuco, founder
Arts Alive

Great workshop! So powerful to see how honest people are about their struggles and how clear-sighted you are about the real problem as well as the solution. Insightful, comforting & instructive!Tabitha Vevers, artist

Andrew Mellen changed my life! He combines the directiveness and clarity of those nuns you hid out from in parochial school with the compassion of your therapist and the charm of your best boyfriend. Let him organize and simplify your life!Dr. Jaime Grant
Arcus Center, Kalamazoo College

Andrew Mellen is efficient, no-nonsense, practical and persistent. He delivers order from chaos and he does it fast. I'm still not used to all the clean surfaces and orderly files and figuring out what to do with all the time and energy he's saved me.Molly O'Neill, award-winning author and chef

My life has been changed by Andrew Mellen. With his help, I smoothly moved my professional office, set up new cutting-edge systems, and have maintained accurate accounts. Andrew is brilliant, innovative, remarkably flexible and 100% reliable.Dr. M.E.H.

Andrew can and does create miraculous changes, saving me and my staff endless hours of fear-induced searches for critical items. A wiz at organization, his true gifts are his stamina, decisiveness and clarity of vision for what is important.Dr. Suzie Schuder

I consider myself to be an organized person and I learned great tips from Andrew that made an immediate positive impact on my life.Kristie Bryant, owner

The effects of Andrew's work with us were amazingly immediate—we were inspired and energized to finally get our apartment into shape, something that had eluded us for years. Months later we're still using his principles!Faye Lederman, director and producer

Since working with Andrew, I'm more creative, purposeful and have accomplished things that had been stagnating for a long time. I'm much less emotionally attached to things and more in tune with what really matters—my life with the people I love!Jill Satterwhite, homemaker and mom

Thanks a million times over for your help. I went from terror to being able to look at all my accumulated junk with some detachment and more importantly, humor. Andrew helped me focus on the what, why, where and how of it all.Richard Eagan, artist and professor

Unstuff Your Life by Andrew Mellen

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Unstuff Your Life!

Professional organizer Andrew Mellen’s guide to getting and staying organized. For good. Let Andrew walk you through conquering your toughest clutter challenges. From papers, emails, photos and sentimental objects to kitchens, closets, basements and garages, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to achieve every organizing goal. Rather listen? It’s also available as an audio book!

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