Do you love books?

I do. I have since I was a kid. I loved Phantom Tollbooth and really loved A Wrinkle in Time.

And even more than those two books, I loved the possibilities that books offered me: a chance to explore other places, to escape without literally moving and the collision of curiosity and seeming randomness that occurs when wandering through a bookstore or library — you never know what will catch your attention and that’s at least half the fun.

And I’m guessing that for many of you, too, more books come in than go out.

Which can be fine if you have the room.

But I don’t.

So it’s once again time to review the books on the shelf and see what I’ll actually read again or refer to again and what can find its way to thrift stores or used bookstores or be given as gifts.

It would seem that the easiest books to let go of would be the mysteries — the books where once you know “whodunnit,” you’re done.

But surprisingly, they are sometimes harder to give up, especially the well-written ones.

When you’re ready to get rid of your books, here’s a list of places you can pass them along where you can be sure they’ll be treated with respect and treasured by their next reader.

If you have antique, rare or otherwise valuable books and are interested in finding out what they are worth and how to liquidate them, check out these sites: