Valentine’s Day is over … do your taxes!

The first half of February is a romantic lovefest that can be either delightful or cloying.

On the other side of Valentine’s Day, we can now shift our attention towards a form of love that is often overlooked: the love of self.

Not to be confused with an indulgent ego, self-love is a way of bringing mindfulness to living one’s core values.

Still not sure how to do that? Check out this article in Psychology Today that offers some practical suggestions.

Even without being a psychologist we can determine that one way to honor oneself is by reducing stress as much as possible.

And a common cause of stress at this time of year is taxes.

Businesses have March filing dates while individuals have an April filing date.

In either case, it’s not too soon to start getting organized.

They say the only things you have to do are pay taxes and die.

You might get around one but you won’t get around the other.

Follow the links below to determine IF you have to file and if so, what and when you have to file.

Prefer to see and hear your information? The IRS has lots of helpful videos on YouTube.

TODAY’S ACTION: Use the links above to help you determine whether or not you are required to file an annual tax return. If you are, print the tax forms you need. Tweet yourself a pat on the back: #iamorganized  #taxes

Later this week we’ll start to focus on the nuts and bolts of pulling together all the information you need to file your returns on time.

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