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Does this sound like you?

You want to get organized. 

So you’ve tried:

  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Bribing yourself
  • Shaming yourself
  • Buying or reading more books
  • Making promises
  • Taking classes (and not finishing your homework)
  • Spending your money on organization supplies

But nothing works or sticks.

Here’s the TRUTH:

Stuff seems to take over and grow in everybody’s life.

Not just stuff, but lots of stuff.

It piles up in our closets, garages, and kitchens.

I know that it can be pretty difficult to work through.

What if I told you that everything you’ve read or tried in the past was actually designed NOT to last?

It took me a long time to figure this out — even as a pro.

This is NOT another “NEATEN OR TIDY THINGS UP” approach.

This system will teach you to get AND STAY organized.


You are going to learn my exact system to go from


in every area of your life.

This will put an end to repeated failed attempts and false starts.

Together with my foolproof 7-Step System, we will UNSTUFF YOUR LIFEFor good.

Step 1: Core Values

Step 2: Identify Trash

Step 3: Like with Like

Step 4: Stay or Go

Step 5: Everything Gets a Home

Step 6: Right Stewardship

Step 7: The Rest of Your Life



The Unstuff Your Life System™ is a simple, yet comprehensive program — 7 easy steps which naturally lead you from disorganization and compromised time management to an organized and efficient workplace, home, car, and other spaces.
For good.

   Step-by-Step instructions from “The Most Organized Man in America”

   Your own personal Unstuff Your Life System™ Workbook PDF

   Simple, easy-to use tools

   Fun, fast-paced video instruction

   Access to The Premium Library—all the tools you need to complete your assignments

   Optional 30-minute 1-to-1 Lifeline Calls with Andrew

   PDF Download of 25+ worksheets and templates

   Lifetime access to all materials

   Admission to Private Facebook Group


What Actual Unstuff Your Life System™ Fans Are Saying:

I am loving the Unstuff Your Life System™!

I have never been good at baby steps so UYLS is perfect for me. I don’t have to guess or wonder what to do next. The videos make it easy to follow along.

Every week I see progress where all I use to see was piles and piles everywhere!”

I am an early subscriber to Unstuff Your Life System™ and have benefited tremendously.

I can always access materials when it’s convenient for my schedule.

Andrew is truly the expert—with each course, I feel he has hit the bull’s eye with his advice, instruction and compassion. Thank you once again!”

I find the courses and the UYL System to be very inspirational—especially at this point in my life.

I have struggled for years (10, to be exact) to find a system that I could understand AND complete. The rewards I receive from Unstuff Your Life System™  have literally shifted how I experience life. Thank you and thank you again!”

Sharon Simmons
Washington, DC

Dr. Cheryl Wang
Hong Kong, PRC

Patricia Kirk
San Francisco, CA

I started feeling stuck in some serious inertia and completed it feeling in the flow of life again. It’s become easy to sort through the detritus of busy family life and what I love most is that he’s given me a new way to walk through life, not just a one-time-fix!”
The Unstuff Your Life! System™ helped me build sustainable daily habits so I could get and stay organized.

No gimmicks—just simple, tangible tools I use every day for amazing results!”

“I am signing up! Andrew is the Zen master of material clutter, working as well with our mental discipline. This system provides a constant reminder to let go of habits and stuff that accumulates without mindful awareness and regular application of Andrew’s techniques.”

Ann Franciskovich
Lexington, MA

Patricia Mills
Brooklyn, NY

Chris Randol
Boulder, CO

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