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Clutter, disorganization and too much stuff
are choking America and enslaving our citizens.


More stuff is not the answer.


We could blame big business and government for laying the perfect trap,
but buyer (or consumer) beware.


Take personal responsibility AND set yourself free. Then use your freedom to radically influence the national debate on every level.


The American Dream should be attainable for everyone—let’s get back to real American values like generosity, hard work and compassion.


Don’t drain the swamp—UnStuff America!


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USA! Kick-Off Interview

Shann Vander Leek, podcast producer and founder of PodcastBath.com interviews Andrew about his brand new podcast. Who better than ``The Most Organized Man in America`` to start the conversation? Listen in for what you can expect when you join Andrew each week for UnStuff America Thursday!

#2 Happy Birthday, America!

I can’t think of a better way to say happy birthday to this great country of ours than to set yourself free. There’s nothing you need to buy America to tell her that you love her. She doesn’t need a gift, at least a gift you can buy—so keep your money in your wallet. The best gift you can give the USA is to set yourself free from wasted time and distractions that are sucking the life out of you.

#1 Why UnStuff America?

Clutter and poor choices are choking our country and obscuring our values. Rich or poor, we all complain about having too much stuff and not enough time. Get organized so you can get organizing and really make America great again—before all we’re left with is debt, pollution, illiteracy and a bloated 1%.

#3 Like With Like

The second leg of The Organizational Triangle® is Like With Like. That means all like objects live together. Not some, not most, all. This is a great principle when it comes to stuff, to inanimate objects. It's not so useful when it comes to people. Starting with the first ghetto in Venice in 1516, segregating people into like with like categories has never been a good idea.

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