The Freedom Lift series on how to live your purpose

What drives you each day to get out of bed and do life for another 24 hoursyour family or other loved ones, a passion for something, a need to participate in something larger than yourself?

If you feel like you’re not spending your time in alignment with your values, this free series of interviews may give you the information and motivation you need to change that.

Starting next week, host Sara Chevere will interview me and 20 other entrepreneurs on how to Find Your Purpose, Unlock Your Potential, Make Money and Thriveeach of us will share our stories of how we’ve built our businesses and our brands and how you can, too.

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You’ll learn at least the following, if not more:

How to find your purpose in life

The habits you have to practice in order to achieve a life of freedom

How to deal with challenges and overcome failure

How to make money while doing what you love

In addition, many of us are offering a free gift to listeners as an added bonus.

Register hereto join me and some amazing experts for this motivating, educational and free event21 more ways to achieve freedom from too much stuff!


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