Stardate: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I’m committing to writing a blog, this blog. And this is what we’ll cover here:

1) The writing and making of Unstuff Your Life! – pub. date, August 3, 2010, by Avery (a division of Penguin USA).

2) Tips, suggestions and ideas on how to unstuff your life … or my life … or your best friend’s life. Probably even the government’s life. I’m not running for office, but I promise you if I were elected, you’d always know where I was and where the stapler, cell phone and budget were, too.

3) Clever products and services that catch my eye and I think worthy of passing along.

4) Ditto for websites, other blogs, TV shows, etc. that merit greater audience, use and recognition.

5) Work I do with clients that I think has broader application and would be interesting. No “Nanny Diaries” here or salacious gossip, sorry. Not that there aren’t stories to be told … but my lips are sealed.

6) Likewise, workshops I offer, have given or are in the process of giving, or have attended or are attending. One of the best things I bring forward from all those years in the theater is the idea that the best answer or idea wins — regardless of who thought of it or shared it. I’m a strong believer in some hierarchies but I also feel that information comes from many sources and I’d hate to miss a piece of brilliance just because it didn’t originate from me.

I think that’s enough for this entry.

Look I wrote a blog entry.

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