Chance, luck or fate

Some people say there are no coincidences, that chance happenings are really fate or orchestrated by some divine or higher power.

Serendipity is defined as, “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”

That is what Serendipity Day asks us to focus on.

I don’t know what I believe when it comes down to fate or chance … I know I wouldn’t be doing the work I’m doing now if I hadn’t embraced a chance conversation when co-producing an award ceremony at the Kennedy Center.

The extraordinary is occurring around us all the time.

The question is, do we embrace these events, are we open to surprise or are we trying to control every outcome and missing the magic of serendipity?

Today, make it your practice to appreciate the good things in life that are always out there, waiting to be recognized and acknowledged.

You don’t need to worry about why they are happening, just witness that they are.

Then take it a step further and surprise others. Here are 4 easy ways to spread joy and confuse your friends and family as they try to figure out what made something unexpected happen at just this moment.

1) Call up an old friend or relative that you haven’t spoken to in some time. Bonus points if you contact someone about whom you’ve said in the past month or two … “I should really call so-and-so …”

2) Leave $1 or $5 or your favorite book somewhere that someone else will stumble upon it innocuously. Remember “Random Acts Of Kindness” and “Paying it Forward?”

3) Donate money or some stuff to a women’s shelter or other charity. Bonus points if you spend some time there volunteering. Stuff is good but a friendly smile is probably better.

4) Break your routine and go someplace new … and don’t take a book, a magazine or your phone to isolate you from interacting with others. Greet each person you see with a simple smile and see what happens.

However you chose to celebrate today, make sure that you keep awake and aware to the little and big surprises waiting for you every day.



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