Stop procrastinating, Start prioritizing. Andrew Mellen is leading a global movement of business owners calling Bullsh*t on Busy™. This is your chance to work with him.

Starting today, you too can have laser-sharp focus and record-smashing results.

Or settle for disorganization, ‘shiny object’ syndrome and constant interruptions.

Which one gets you closer to your goals?

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What is it?

A 3-month individual coaching program for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll get the tools, coaching, and accountability you need to:

  • Stay focused on revenue
  • Build rock-solid systems
  • Delegate effectively
  • Shift your time management into overdrive

Working 1-1 with Andrew, you will get his undivided attention and support, along with direct access to his unique skillset and database of resources.

If you are committed to becoming more effective at work and at home, you will thrive in this program.

And produce the best results of your life.

Who it’s for

  • Business executives who want to move from competence to excellence in their work and leadership
  • Sales leaders eager to motivate their teams to exceed their targets and explode their numbers
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to inspire their team to generate faster results
  • Solopreneurs who need more time back in their day to get their business thriving

Here’s what you get


ACT NOW: Enrollment is limited to the first 30 applicants.

Are you ready?

Do you feel like you are working alone, even if you have a team?

At the end of the day, do you know exactly how you spent your time?

At the end of the week, did you finish what you thought you would?

Are you sick and tired of the stress from feeling out of control?

Do you feel like your money and time are racing away from you?

Do you sometimes wake up dreading the day?

Is it hard to stay focused at work because you’re constantly putting out everyone else’s fires?

Do you wish you had someone you could tell the whole truth to—the good and the bad—without feeling embarrassed or like you’re bragging?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you definitely need RAPID RESULTS. 

You need a coach to help you build new, productive habits that last.

You need accountability to make sure you stay on track.

And you need systems that make doing the work as easy as it can be.

These are the cornerstones of the Rapid Results Coaching program.

As an entrepreneur, you are the visionary behind your business.

You have the passion, drive, and stamina to make things happen.

What you’re missing is the ability to keep pace with your vision.

Things fall through the cracks.

Or you work until midnight.

You delegate and then micro-manage your team.

Or don’t delegate because you think you can do it faster. Or better. Or both.

And you believe the lie that says this is what paying dues feels like.

You dream of the day when you can just create and play.

When you see something wonderful in your mind’s eye and it becomes real without a lot of unnecessary drama.

Or lots of stopping, starting and struggle.

Wouldn’t it be great to spend 30-45 minutes a week developing your own skills so you can be your best every day?

What is it costing you in lost opportunities and burnout to hold everything so tightly?

And still not get everything done?

You know you need help.

You need a system and accountability.

You need a coach.

Andrew Mellen is that coach.

And he can guide you to get the kind of results you dream of.

In just 12 weeks, you’ll work 1-1 with him to:

  • You’ll work 1-1 with him over 12 weeks to:
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Squash interruptions
  • Stop putting out other people’s fires
  • Tackle procrastination before it kills your momentum
  • Sharpen your focus into a laser beam of efficiency

Imagine waking up every morning knowing exactly what you’re going to do that day.

The knot in your stomach is gone.

You’re free from all the stress you’ve been dragging around.

You finally have the tools and strategies you need to drive revenue, serve your customers and grow your business.

You’ll get the resources and support you need to run a business, not just provide a service.

“Why work with a coach? Because even Olympic athletes have one.”

We’re not going to promise you that you’ll make a million dollars in 12 weeks.

Or win the lottery.

Or drop 20 pounds.

Although you’ll definitely sleep better AND probably get to the gym more.

This is what we WILL promise you:

If you commit to this 12-week program and do the work …

You will get back an extra hour EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of your life–or more.

And you can use that hour to double down on driving revenue with fewer distractions and more focus.

Or brainstorm new ways to serve your customers.

Or celebrate your phenomenal successes instead of rushing past them to the next task.

And you’ll have “The Most Organized Man in America” by your side holding you accountable.

How would you feel if one year from now, you were still in the same place you are right now?


You’ve got the world in front of you.

Don’t waste another minute—take action now and take your life back.

Sign up below and we’ll get started immediately.

How its work

Here’s the schedule for the entire 12-week program.

We recommend NEVER missing a meeting and we realize that sometimes life happens.

All group sessions will be recorded and posted to the online portal so you can view them whenever and as often as you like, 24/7.



The value keeps adding up!

This program has already paid for itself! I committed to finally going to Staples to return a printer we’ve had sitting around waiting to go back. Once there I learned the return window wasn’t as long as I had thought and if I’d waited any longer, I’d be stuck with a printer that I can’t use. Ka-ching! (cue heavenly music with angel’s trumpets). The value keeps adding up!
Nikoletta Yukich
Real Estate Entrepreneur

When you are ready for it, this program will change your life

In working with Andrew’s science of time management, I feel closer than I ever have to balancing ‘reality’ and my creative life as a writer and solopreneur. When you are ready for it, this program will change your life—in part because it drives home the message that only you can change your life, and provides you with the teachings, tools, and techniques that make deep change possible and sustainable.
Stacey Engels
Writer + Solopreneur

The goal is to be freer, happier, and more satisfied with your life.

Andrew has a different and unique approach to both organization and time management. He combines common sense and expert advice about organizing your physical stuff AND scheduling your day, and approaches these subjects with understanding and mindfulness. This program offers a flexible and fluid approach to scheduling and to-do lists based on best practices AND my values so I experience greater freedom rather than feeling boxed in. Productivity is up but productivity is not the only goal. The goal is to be freer, happier, and more satisfied with your life.
Janice Edens

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