Mindful Monday

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” The Buddha

Talk about getting out of story and into the moment—today’s quote from The Buddha makes it clear that now is all we have and any illusion that there is a later, someday or time other than the present is fiction.

Which is why my friend and colleague Susan Piver and I created the Mindful Life Toolbox—a 35-day immersive program to get out of story and break free from procrastination and deferring action. Liberation from clutter and disorganization is completely possible. Happiness and freedom are not abstract concepts only available to others—you can have them, too.

The Mindful Life Toolbox is an opportunity to spend a month taking stock of your responsibilities and objectives and the obstacles that stand in your way. You will learn how you spend your time and how to make the shifts you want. You will take stock of the “stuff” of your life and establish a system for managing it. At the end of this program, you will have greater clarity and a sense of balance in your daily endeavors.


  • You have spent countless hours devising schedules that you never stick to
  • You are constantly searching for the perfect time-management or organization tool that will stem the tide of information overload—but find that none of them work
  • You are self-employed or work at home and experience confusion about how to structure your day
  • Looking at your closets, to-do lists, drawers, or desktop (or all of the above) makes you anxious
  • You simply want to feel more on top of your day, your stuff, and your life

I hope you’ll join us for this live-changing adventure.



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