The Mindful Life Toolbox

A 30-day immersive program to bring mindful order to daily life with Susan Piver and Andrew Mellen


Organizing expert Andrew Mellen and meditation teacher Susan Piver have developed a unique process for bringing personal organization and mindfulness together to solve a problem that sometimes seems beyond solving: managing the extraordinary amount of stuff, information, details, and demands on our time that stand between us and our goals and dreams.

Together, they have crafted a simple, thoughtful, sustainable program that will help you stop wasting time. You develop an action plan to navigate around distractions that derail your efforts to focus on what’s truly important. This is not about cramming more in or working harder, it’s about allowing gentleness and self-care to guide you.


This program is for you if:

  • You have spent countless hours devising schedules that you never stick to
  • You are constantly searching for the perfect time-management or organization tool to stem the tide of information overload—but find that none work for long
  • You are self-employed or work at home and struggle to create or maintain a consistent structure to your day—or you want to transition to self-employment but fear you will be unable to follow through
  • You become anxious when looking at your closets, to-do lists, drawers or desktop (or all of the above)
  • You can’t figure out how you ended up in procrastination mode for the last few months, years, lifetimes
  • You simply want to feel more on top of your day, your stuff, and your life


The Mindful Life Toolbox is an opportunity to take stock of your responsibilities and objectives and the obstacles that stand in your way.

You will learn the difference between how you wish to spend your time and how you actually spend it—and how to close the gap between the two.

You’ll learn how powerfully “story” influences your current behavior and undermines every system you establish, and how to break that pattern to finally make the lasting shifts you want.

You will take stock of the “stuff” of your life and establish a system for managing it and letting go of things you are finally finished with.

At the end of this program, you will have greater clarity and a sense of balance in your daily endeavors. You will also have a simple system to keep you on track and productive each and every day.


  • The skills to focus on what’s important instead of what’s urgent.
  • An understanding of the causes of procrastination and how to out-smart them.
  • Tips for navigating the 8 most common interruptions and staying focused.
  • A way to finally beat multi-tasking at its own game.
  • Insight into why your to-do lists aren’t keeping you organized and the shocking truth of how you’re really spending your time.
  • A system to leverage your calendar to keep you on track and on time.
  • A sense of relief and balance from having done a thorough review of your goals, to-dos, and responsibilities–and your closets!
  • Meditation instruction from a world-renowned teacher, and
  • Introduction to a simple 3-step daily practice that will keep you focused on what really matters as you go forward.


The program takes place over an approximately 30-day period (from mid-March to mid-April) and includes an opening webinar, a weekend virtual retreat, a closing webinar, checklists and guides, as well as tasks you’ll need to complete. Between sessions, you will engage in a series of simple, doable exercises that will help you implement the lessons and plant the seeds of genuine change.

March 16

The program begins with a 75-minute webinar on March 16 where you will learn how to meditate, the connection between mindfulness and personal organization, the guiding principles of personal organization, and the goals, objectives, and expectations for this program. There will be plenty of time for discussion and q&a with Andrew and Susan.

Following this, there will be 10 days of “homework.”

You will gradually introduce meditation as regular part of your day (you will receive a detailed plan for doing so). Most importantly, you will track your time completely for the full 10 days. Time tracking instructions will be given in detail (including suggested apps if you wish to track electronically).

March 28 & 29

This 10-day period culminates with an online workshop intensive on March 28 and 29 where you will take stock of your environment and objectives and be guided step-by-step through a process to bring it all together into a manageable system.

We will spend two full days together, going through your stuff, talking about your intentions, weighing your responsibilities, and integrating it all into a clear and manageable system. (Click here for the full weekend schedule.)

April 10 

On April 10 we will reconvene for a follow-up 75-minute afternoon gathering to check in and address any questions or concerns that have come up.

* for a detailed schedule with each date`s objectives and events click here

All sessions will be recorded and participants will have access to them for 30 days after the program ends.


  • A calendar
  • A notebook or journal
  • A pen/pencil
  • A computer with an internet connection
  • The intention to make lasting change


Limited to 100 people

Early Bird: $198 USD until March 6th 12:00pm EST

On-Time Bird: $243 USD until March 13 12:00pm EST

Late Bird: $270 USD

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