Ready to get your financial life organized + under control?

Knowing how, why + where you spend are the keys to changing your relationship with money for good.

Get Control Over Your Financial Life Now—In 90 Minutes You Can Change Your Relationship With Money For the Rest of Your Life!

Are you tired of ignoring your monthly expenses … and never knowing exactly how much is in your bank account?!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your bills?

How about investment advisors, CPAs, trusts and estates attorneys — do you know who you need and when you need them?!

And what about your statements—are you (or your bookkeeper) reconciling your accounts each month?

What happens when your life changes (divorce, births, death)—do you have a plan to meet these financial shifts?

Shouldn’t there be some way to know which financial documents you should save and which you can throw away?

If you want to learn how to master your financial life, you won’t want to miss this class.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll get a basic understanding of what healthy money habits COULD BE doing for you …

And how to maximize the things you already do.

You’ll gain financial freedom and be able to make life decisions about money without stress because you will finally be prepared.

You will learn to control your finances instead of being controlled by them.

Man at home doing domestic accounting with paperwork and calculator feeling overwhelmed and worried.
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It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by money, isn’t it?

Every day you swipe your credit card, pay bills, use Apple Pay, …

Maybe you’re even doing most of this online now since we’re going out less often.

But do you really feel like you handle on all the apps and programs and places where you’re making financial choices?!

Man extending his arm to tap and purchase using his credit card on merchants contactless machine.

Money is one of those things we learned to never talk about in public.

And over 85% of all disagreements between married couples are money-related.

That’s because money comes loaded with so much emotion for so many of us, whether you have a lot or a little.

So if you don’t know the difference between your actual spend and your assumed spend …

And if you’ve ever considered consolidating your accounts …

And know you should be reconciling your cashflow monthly … but …

You worry every time you write a check or pay a bill that your account might not cover the expense …

And a simple checking account doesn’t always feel that simple …

Then you know that managing your finances can be overwhelming …

Do you ever feel like it’s just too late to catch up on your finances and start fresh …?

Like the best you can hope for is a vague sense of what you have and you just have to hope for the best and keep your head down?

It doesn’t have to be that scary … or uncertain.

Remember when all you had to keep up with was 1 simple account and used cash when you wanted to purchase something?!

Now you have several credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts, saving accounts, investment accounts…

And instead of making life easier, all these things overwhelm you and confuse you…

And financial needs keep changing …

Every few years things seem to shift and if you’re not shifting with them, then how will you know what to do next?

Scammers, ponzi schemes and fraudulent services are just waiting to prey on the uninformed and vulnerable …

Deciphering what is real and what is fake is often a full time job…

And with older parents and possibly kids as well, your lack of confidence and clarity can only make matters worse for everyone …

Older man at home feeling overwhelmed and worried, clasping his hands in thought.

Did you know that there were certain money types?

Are you an innocent, a martyr, a victim, a warrior, or a creator/artist?

You may be surprised to find out what your money type is …

And what it can tell you about your financial future …

If you’re going through life not knowing how much you make or spend each month … You are missing out on some of the biggest time-saving features available today …

That don’t require a computer programmer or advanced degree …

Just some fundamental information on where to look and what to look for …

It doesn't have to be so hard!

You can gain simple knowledge about your finances quickly to make your life better + more prosperous!

Portrait of unhappy young couple looking worried while reading notification informing them about eviction from apartment because of unpaid rent.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to demystify your finances without getting overwhelmed …

Or trying to keep up with experts who assume you know more than you do?

You can get control over the bills that surround you.

You can make smart choices without getting overwhelmed.

AND you can take back your life and your time …

Using reconciling software or using a bookkeeper to make your life easier and better …

You can consolidate all the paperwork and learn to focus on what is important …

And the best part is… You can learn HOW to do all this in less than 2 hours!

If you’re already feeling pulled in too many directions …

And you can’t keep track of all the financial stuff …

If you’ve got things and accounts you haven’t begun to comprehend …

And automatic payments you don’t remember signing up for …

Bills you keep avoiding …

If it seems you NEVER have enough time …

But it feels like you’re also ALWAYS thinking about your finances …

Or trying to keep up with your financial documents …

You’ll learn HOW and WHEN to master your financial freedom

You’ll learn how to get the most out of the financial resources at your fingertips …

And you’ll discover ways to stop using excuses as a substitute for paying your bills on time …

Woman performing personal finances at home, using calculator with one hand whilst another holds a notepad in place.

Isn’t the point of all this to have more time for the relationships and activities you actually enjoy …?!

If you’ve ever struggled with:

Paying bills on time
Negative self-talk about money
Inconsistent behavior or big fluctuation in your spending habits
Not knowing what your actual spending each month
Confusion about the financial statements arriving in your mailbox
How much you should be saving
How to START saving
Being afraid you’re going to lose money if you don’t understand your bills
Not knowing which financial documents are important and which you can let go of
The fear of not having a will, life insurance or a long term plan in place

Then you’ll get the help you need from this online class …

"I’m continuing to change my relationship with money so that I can make more, give more, keep more, and enjoy what I spend it on more."

Gabrielle Nicolet
Gabrielle Nicolet

"I still have a lot of work to do on myself, but I feel much more positive about money, so that I can do that work."

Gayle Gruenberg
Gayle Gruenberg

You’ll get a simple, easy-to-follow process that you can use instantly.

You’ll learn how to organize AND control your finances … instead of your finances controlling you! Here’s just some of what we’re going to cover:
How to gain financial freedom—controlling your finances so they do not control you.
Determining your money mindset and leveraging that knowledge.
Defining how you want to USE financial technology—what are the right programs, when and how should you use them.
The best way to organize your financial documents — what you need and what needs to be shredded.
Demystifying money management.  Knowing which experts you should be working with and what they offer you.
How to grow your wealth — the smart way – through knowledge and empowerment.
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Grab your access to this class and bonus Q+A recording for just $97!**

To support you and our community during CV-19, we’re making these classes affordable to everyone with this discounted pricing.

"I believe that as the class progressed, I realized the patterns that are in my life that are beneficial and those that are not beneficial. Setting a new vision and putting steps in place, game changer!"

Joy Jones
Joy Jones

"No questions are left unanswered and no detail is too small. And, as importantly, they are always courteous, available, and helpful."

Randy Kaufman
Randy Kaufman

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Enroll...

Simple, easy solutions for financial health and freedom
Instruction on your money mindset and what that means to you
LIVE class taught by “The Most Organized Man in America” and a Thought Leader in Financial Health, Judy Heft
365 DAYS ACCESS to the video recording: over 90 minutes of in-depth training
BONUS LIVE Q+A directly after the training
BONUS “10 Ways to Simplify Your Finances” checklist
BONUS recording of Q+A session
BONUS Free Consultation with Judith Heft & Associates, The Premier Financial & Lifestyle Concierge.
A variety of dollar bills spread out and displayed on a flat surface.
Register For The Class Now!

Grab your access to this class and bonus Q+A recording for just $97!**

To support you and our community during CV-19, we’re making these classes affordable to everyone with this discounted pricing.

Meet your instructors

A sharply dressed Andrew Mellen standing against a solid background, smiling in a natural pose.

Andrew Mellen - “The Most Organized Man in America”

Andrew is the best-selling author of two books: Unstuff Your Life! and The Most Organized Man in America’s Guide to Moving.

He has been a professional organizer since 1996, and he has helped over 150,000 people get and stay organized.

With so much uncertainty right now, Andrew is super excited to share this challenge and for the chance to help you, too!

Judy Heft smiling, looking at the camera wearing a white business jacket outside a business premises.

Judy Heft - “A Leader in Financial Health”

Judy is the best-selling author of the book “How to Be Smart, Successful & Organized with Your Money, For a Better Today and Tomorrow”.

She has been a financial concierge since 1996 and has helped hundreds of individuals get their finances organized.  She has mastered the art of daily money management.

Judy and Andrew are excited to help you create a new positive mindset around money and guide you to establish new healthy money habits!

"I am forever grateful, and I feel much more in control of my finances."

Denise Allan
Denise Allan

"When I send my clients to Judith’s team, I know that they will be taken care of with grace, care and good humor."

David Edwards
David Edwards
Couple sorting through personal finances, looking happy and relaxed.

Grab access to this class and bonus Q+A recording for just $97!

*To support you and our community during CV-19, we’re making these classes affordable to everyone with this discounted pricing.
Register For The Class Now!