Installing a wall bed, Part 1

Every home renovation project involves decisions, adjustments and compromises. If you’re not prepared for these, you’re likely to be frustrated and disappointed.

Throughout the design process, there were critical decisions to make:

What kind of headboard?

How about a desk?

Should there be a retractable shelf?

What about lighting?

And everything takes longer than promised—sometimes out of incompetence, wishful thinking or an outright lie, but most often simply out of the transition from theory to practical application.

If you know this going in, you’re less likely to be upset or surprised when it happens to you.

Clark and his assistant Erik showed up Tuesday, January 14 at 9am. It took them several trips to bring all the pieces in, which resembled a life-size puzzle 3-D.

Very soon this:

Looked like this:

The plan was that installation would be finished by the end of the day … with the slight possibility that Clark would need to do some touch ups the next morning.

This is what it looked like at 4pm when they left.

Today, Wednesday, January 15, they’re at it again … and hope to be finished by 3:45pm today when they have to pack up and leave the building.

We’ll see.

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