Moving Day 2: Selling books

I’m moving in 14 days.

Yesterday, I wrote about going through books.

Today, I’ll sell some of them.

This isn’t exactly a love letter to The Strand Bookstore … but it kind of is.

In this digital age, where we consume tremendous amounts of media electronically, there is still a few stores in NYC that buys and sells new and used books, and the largest is The Strand.

Today, I’m heading down there to turn 3 boxes of books into cash.

I’ll share tomorrow about how much I made.

It’s important to note that I won’t make more money than what I could have earned in the same amount of time for this errand.

For some people, they might choose to delegate this task to a Task Rabbit or other worker/errand runner.

If math were all that mattered to me, I would have done the same.

But the experience is also worth something.

I get to physically move 3 boxes of books in Manhattan in a taxi—not a task for wimps or cowards.

I get to feel the actual weight of some of the objects in my life—pretty heavy.

I get to see what those objects are really worth on the open market—not what my imagination tells me they are worth.

I get to experience leaving the store empty-handed and physically and emotionally lighter—and with a bit more money in my pocket.

All of this reinforces my values and my commitment to being responsible for the objects I choose to surround myself with.

If I’m not willing to steward each and every object from cradle to grave (metaphorically-speaking), then I really need to consider what I’m doing as I bring things into my life.

Is the thing I’m bringing in increasing my comfort, convenience or beauty more than just complicating my life and adding responsibility for something inanimate to my already busy and full life?

That’s the question I ask myself every time I’m considering a new purchase or new object.

It’s a question I suggest you ask yourself as well.

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