Moving Day 1: What to do with books

I’m moving in 15 days.

The movers will come on 10/15.

They’ll wrap up and transport all the furniture and they’ll pack up the artwork and other fragile items.

I’ll take care of packing everything that can’t be broken: linens, my clothes, papers, files and books.

I’ve written about letting go of books before.

Like most people, I too have accumulated books from various sources.

Friends have given me books, I’ve bought books and books seem to show up without me doing anything in particular to get them here. Sound familiar?

So today I went through all my books and loaded 3 boxes with books I’m ready to let go of: cookbooks, design books, novels and some non-fiction books.

I still have 8 boxes of books I’m moving.

I still “love” books.

But I don’t need or want all the books that currently live in my home.

And this is an easy exercise to get me into the spirit of moving and touching every single thing I own and making decisions about what will stay and what will go.

Tomorrow I’ll bring those 3 boxes down to The Strand Bookstore and sell them.

I’m sure they’ll try to get me to take store credit but I’m looking forward to cash!

Besides, I think they just offer a 10% premium for store creditit used to be 50%.

At that rate, I’d rather have the money.

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