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Welcome to the official Andrew Mellen weblog.

I’ve resisted this idea for some time now, as my work with clients is confidential and I prefer to err on the side of circumspection. And I’m not particularly interested in talking about myself.

But I’m not getting any closer to finishing that book and figured, perhaps these entries will serve as some structural way to get the info out there, and shape my thoughts at the same time. We’ll see. Unlike “The Nanny Diaries,” I’ll refrain from using names or identifying markings (sorry!), and instead focus on common themes and ideas.

As the title suggests, what really gets me going is “the stuff behind the stuff.” I’ve helped lots of people to “clean house” – both literally and figuratively. And there are certainly common feelings, stories, thoughts and behaviors that I see in play over and over again when it comes to letting go. This is most obvious in the realm of the material, but those of us comfortable with extrapolation will see parallels to other areas of life as well. If you can’t discard the broken piggy bank, how easy is it going to be to let go of that narrative which reminds you again and again of why you’re such a … fill in the blank.

So let’s use this space as a forum for discussion. And I will also use it as a consistent place to address what I’ve discovered and continue to uncover in the work I do each day helping individuals and businesses dig their way out of immobility and begin the slow progress towards truly easy living.

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Please check back often for more info here.

And I know that for those of you who have been patiently waiting for the next issue, this has got to be easier than publishing a monthly newsletter!

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  1. Hey Andrew. I’m glad you’re finally up and running. I think your instincts are pretty on-mark about just getting something down in whatever medium makes sense for now. Pretty soon, you’ll have way more than a book can hold. I’m definitely looking forward to some life-editing tips.


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