Comfort or change?

I just returned from several weeks in California, speaking and leading workshops throughout the state.

And before that, I spent a few weeks overseas, in Germany, France and England.

And something I see wherever I go is the struggle between comfort and change.

Many people are clearly hurting — they have too much stuff, either physically, emotionally or both, and they are desperate for change.

But they’re also very committed to their own comfort.

They want things to change in their life, but they don’t necessarily want to change themselves.

And it seems unlikely that the relief they’re seeking will come from outside of themselves.

It’s seldom circumstances that created the problem in the first place, so looking to circumstances to change as the solution seems to be bad math.

You can chase comfort, but you’ll most likely end up creating chaos.

So rather than chasing comfort, what would happen if you chased change instead?

Could you feel worse that you already do? Maybe. But maybe not.

And if you do feel worse, at least you know how to make yourself comfortable.

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