The 5 Whys

Remember when you were a kid and your response to almost everything was, “Why?” It likely drove the adults around you crazy AND you may have been onto something. In Six Sigma, asking "Why?" 5 times (or more) is a technique used to analyze a problem so you can find a...

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How to Launch an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle is more than a trend, it’s an easy and quick way to simplify your life and your impact on the environment. Decluttering your mind is not just useful for strategizing new business plans or leading successful product launches....

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One breath at a time

“That’s life: starting over, one breath at a time.” SHARON SALZBERG   The breath is everything. Or almost everything. The heart is in there, too. Biologically speaking, when we stop breathing, we die. Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually—it seems to be the...

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Eat the frog!

What does a frog have to do with clutter and disorganization? How does a frog have anything to do with time management? I'm often asked, "Where do I start? I'm surrounded by piles and mounds of stuff. Everywhere I look. It's all so overwhelming!" And what I always...

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Simplify + Live Well | By Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Thoreau’s call to “simplify, simplify” resonates deeply with me; I have contemplated it often. When I first encountered his words, I wondered why he repeated the phrase. Now I am convinced that his repetition points to the on-going effort needed not only to simplify...

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How to be a good neighbor

Is it better to have a good neighbor or to be a good neighbor? The answer is both and that is what National Good Neighbor Day aims to acknowledge. Any day is a good day to celebrate your relationships with the people who live and work near you. And today is the...

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Imagining American business without women

Women have steadily been increasing their numbers in the workforce as employees and business owners over the past several years. In the U.S, the gap between the percent of men and women in the workforce has been slowly closing. According to the United States...

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How to turn conflict into peace

Is it possible that the U.S. has been involved in a military conflict of some kind for 222 of its 239 years? It seems that wherever there are people, there are conflicts. People fighting over religion. People fighting over money. People fighting over property. People...

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