How much does it cost to work with a professional organizer?

How Much Does a Professional Organizer Cost? This is always one of the first questions a person looking to get organized has when researching professional organizers. Here at Andrew Mellen, Inc., I get this question all the time, usually before a potential client even...

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The Stuff Behind the Stuff

When it comes to getting organized, it is almost NEVER about the stuff itself—it’s the stuff behind the stuff that is keeping you stuck. I get why you would think that it WAS the stuff that is the problem—since stuff is everywhere. But you’d be wrong.   STUFF...

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5 Things You Can Do Immediately To Clean Out Your Computer

It's hard to miss a pile or stack of stuff sitting on your desk, but it can be surprisingly easy to overlook the clutter on your computer. Digital disorganization can be just as stressful and physical clutter, especially when you can't find that one file you need for...

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Getting Organized for the Holidays 

Holiday stress can turn a joyous time of the year into an overwhelming nightmare instantly. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You can make meaningful memories with your loved ones without any hassle with just a little planning. Here are 5 tips for helping make this...

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How To Mindfully Use Social Media

Summer means longer days, lots of sun and lots of activities. This combination may naturally lead to more social media use because who wouldn’t want to share every new adventure and event with their tribe? Social media doesn’t have to be a distraction, but for many...

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Ways to UnStuff Mother’s Day and Make it Special

Does your mother need anything else, really? After all, she has you. I got a call from my mom earlier this week letting me know that instead of the flowers I typically send her each Mother’s Day, all she wants this year is a bag of soap. Yay, mom. Years ago, when I...

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Be Honest With Yourself To Simplify Your Life

Do you consider yourself an honest person? Are you a stickler for the truth? What about when it comes to being honest with yourself? A blog in honor of National Honesty Day!   You say you want to rid your life of clutter and yet clutter still crowds you. Whether...

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5 Simple Ways to Implement Mindfulness at the Office

Mindfulness sounds great over coffee or on a yoga mat. Who doesn't want to be centered, awake, aware and grounded, particularly when it doesn't cost anything and you're already breathing. Of course, work isn't always as relaxed as hanging out with friends or settling...

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