Back to school hacks for sleep + paperwork

This week we’re looking at more back to school transitions, focusing on sleep schedules and the mounds of paper that seem to increase from year to year.

You’ll remember that last week we focused on back to school shopping—an often dreaded activity.

This week and next, we’re highlighting tips and suggestions from my friends who are parents and bloggers–they’re all super smart and fun to boot, so enjoy!

Two tips that are sure to be echoed by the experts are:


Kids and parents all agree that the transition from summer vacation to school year can be jarring.  Long summer nights are suddenly cut short by ringing alarms, frantic scrambles for the shower, breakfast and bus and homework.

As a parent, you might be used to having less fun but it’s easy to see how your child might find it an unwelcome return to routine.

Most kids want to keep summer bedtimes right up to the first day of school.

While your desire to be liked AND loved may encourage you to let this slide, the longer you wait to ease your child into the new old sleep habit, the more of a hassle that first morning will be.

Almost universally, my friends with kids tell me that they use the two-week period before school starts to gradually shift back into a school bedtime/waking schedule.

While none of them report kids springing out of bed bright eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning, parents who use this technique do say they have far less hassle with their kids at night than those who wait for the last night to impose new rules.


Chances are, you’re already drowning in paper so don’t wait until the last minute to assess your child’s paperwork needs for the coming school year—it’ll only make that pile on the kitchen counter that much worse.

Visit the school district’s website for the checklist of all documents needed on registration day (previous report cards, medical exam results and proof of immunizations are fairly standard) and then gather all these docs together for each child in one place.

Use classification or fastener folders to secure all the items in the folder—that way nothing falls out between your home and school when you’re racing out the door.

The start of a new school year is a great time to develop a better system for filing and dealing with papers.

Download my free guide “How to File and Deal With Papers” for some great pointers.

If you really want to make your life easier and start the school year off right, check out our Back to School Course at Unstuff University.


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