How to get results the Amelia Earhart way

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”
Amelia Earhart

If you’re pacing around a stack or pile or box of clutter, stop thinking, take Amelia’s advice and “just do it.”

You may need to consider a few alternatives before taking action, but never confuse procrastination for careful consideration.

In 1932 on this day, Amelia Earhart flew her first solo non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Newark.

What have you been waiting to tackle but keep telling yourself some story about why now is not the right time?

Just for today, imagine it IS the right time and take an action.

As my friend and mentor Mark LeBlanc says, “everyone can take one more step,” so why not take ONE step and see what happens.

You’ll never get organized if you don’t do something.

More importantly, everything you’ve been waiting to do ONCE you GET organized will never get done.

Don’t waste another minute stuck in your head.

Channel your inner Amelia and take an action.

You can’t possibly do anything you would regret more than not acting at all.

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