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Mindful Monday | A good example

Mindful Monday | A good example

“If you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to be a horrible warning.”
Catherine Aird


Are you setting a good example for your friends, family and colleagues? When they walk by your desk, are they slightly envious of how tidy your workstation is?

How about at home? When you come home, do you hang up your coat and put your keys, bag and cell phone in their homes so you can find them easily whenever you want them?

If you have children, you can be sure they are watching you and will model your behavior.

If you are a good example, they will follow that example … within reason and within their abilities.

If you are not, you can be sure that for some people you are on the way to becoming their horrible warning.

You run the risk of becoming the kind of worker or housekeeper they don’t want to be.

You will become the example of how not to do things. The person people call a “cautionary tale.”

The one they feel sorry for … as if they see your good intentions and can’t understand why you can’t seem to get and stay organized for any length of time.

It isn’t difficult to BE a good example for others. The Organizational Triangle® shows you exactly HOW to get and stay organized for good.


In addition, our FREE 7-Day Quick Start Course takes you through a series of simple tasks that teaches you how to take these micro skills and apply them to macro tasks once you feel confident about your abilities.

So, don’t let lack of knowledge or information make you a horrible warning for anyone.

With a little bit of willingness and by eating a few frogs, you can be a good example to everyone whose path you cross.

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