7 questions to determine what stays or goes

With National Moving Day next week, 95% of my fellow New Yorkers could be moving things they don’t need or use.


67% are keeping them “in case I need them in the future.”

56% are holding onto them for sentimental reasons.

25% say they are keeping them only to sell them.

The stories may vary from person to person, but the facts are overwhelming. The vast majority of people are trapped in a dead end loop that doesn’t serve them and keeps them stuck.

To break free from the herd and join the liberated 5%, here are 7 simple questions you can ask yourself before you throw another useless thing into a box and move it one more time.

1) Do I absolutely need to have this?

2) Do I have other similar things, and if so, how many do I need to have in total?

3) What clear and useful purpose does this serve in my life today?

4) Where exactly will this live in my new home and do I have room for it?

5) Is it fully functioning or does it need to be repaired in some way? If so, how long has it not been fully functional? (If more than 1 year, let it go.)

6) Am I only keeping this for someone else? Do they know it and want it? (If they are adults, ask them. If they don’t want it, let it go.)

7) Am I only keeping this to sell it? (If so, investigate the secondary market for the item and make your decision based on what you discover, not a story you have about supposed value.)

To simplify your life, you need torefine the idea of need vs. want.

Most of us are fortunate enough to have our basic needs metfood, water, clothing and shelterand we can easilyconfuse ourselves into believing that something we want is something we need.

That confusion starts you down the path to clutter, disorganization and frustration.

Use the questions above to help you view yourpossessions through the lens of need vs. want and you will quickly learn what should stay and what can go.

If you need help finding movers or temporary storage facilities in your area, SpareFootoffers great resources at multiple price pointsjust remember, off-site storage isn’t a substitute for making real decisions and simplifying!

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