30 Good Ideas: Something In, Something Out

Andrew Mellen 30 Ideas to Simplify Your Life in 30 Days 750x540The third leg of The Organizational Triangle®: Something In, Something Out.

If Like WIth Like is a principle that people often overcomplicate, Something In, Something Out is the principle that often makes people cringe.

I don’t know why we tend to focus on the SOMETHING OUT part instead of the SOMETHING IN part, but gosh—we do.

Rather that worrying about what you’re giving up, celebrate whatever is arriving.

You’re making room for something new that you want—where’s the downside in that?

And once you’ve achieved stuff equilibrium—once you have enough of everything that serves you and nothing that doesn’t—you’re only ever swapping things, you’re not accumulating things.

So letting something go that is being replaced shouldn’t hurt that much.

BTW, I just got back from Dwell on Design NY and will be writing about it in the next few challenges.

Today’s challenge:
 set a timer for 60 seconds and settle into your breath, then set the timer for 5 minutes. Make a list of ALL the things you think you need to feel complete that you don’t yet have—everything you don’t own yet that you think you need to. Then set the timer for another 5 minutes and make a list of what you’re willing to let go of to bring these new things into your life. This list can be of physical, tangible items or metaphysical items—it doesn’t matter. What matters is that the list is comprehensive.

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