30 Good Ideas: Meditation

Andrew Mellen 30 Ideas to Simplify Your Life in 30 Days 750x540Meditation isn’t just for hippies, monks and dropouts.

Dan Harris of ABC said at the Wisdom 2.0 Business Conference that mindfulness meditation may be the next public health revolution.
I agree.
We’re not talking about navel-gazing or anything complicated.
Which doesn’t mean it’s easy to sit still for 5 minutes and watch your mind doing what it does naturally make thoughts.
And watching your breath which happens automatically.
Bringing your attention to your breath for as few as five minutes has tremendous health benefits, which I won’t go into here. You can Google them.
The benefit that I want to discuss is that you’ll be a little calmer and a little more ready to face your day.
Why not unstuff your mind while you’re unstuffing your life?

Today’s challenge: set a timer for 5 minutes. Settle into your breath and then just stay settled in your breath. If you’ve never mediated before, here are a few places you can find simple instructions should you want them. None of these folks are talking about a religion or any affiliation to any organization. Just sitting still one breath at a time.

Susan Piver: How to Meditate

Tara Brach: How to Meditate

Zen Habits: How to Meditate

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