30 Good Ideas: The shoffice

Andrew Mellen 30 Ideas to Simplify Your Life in 30 Days 750x540Feeling pinched for work space?

If you live in a house and have any sort of a back yard, consider the shoffice.

A combination of shed and office, they are a relatively new solution to two big storage challenges—what to do with gardening supplies and where to set up a home office.

And as you’ll see from this piece in the WSJ, they can be quite elaborate.

For those of us who don’t live in houses, what are our alternatives?

For that matter, even if you do live in a house and another structure isn’t feasible, what can you do to get some
more space or possibly get an existing space to do double duty?

This also reminds me of a show I did for DIY Network—Wasted Spaces.

The show’s premise was that there are all kinds of hidden or wasted spaces in our homes that can be repurposed.

While not a fix for clutter and disorganization, the same premise encourages us to take a fresh look at our homes to see what we could be using to greater advantage.

Today’s challenge:
 set a timer for 60 seconds and settle into your breath. Then set the timer for 10 minutes and walk around your home. Look for spaces that are currently dedicated to only one function or activity—especially a function or activity that doesn’t happen regularly. You don’t want to just relocate your clutter there—you want to find a place where you can be productive without creating MORE clutter 🙂

Consider these places to start: do you have a guest room but infrequent guests? A formal dining room and you always eat in the kitchen?

Many of you may have seen my wall bed—it was a great way to free up 40 square feet, or almost 10% of my home’s entire square footage.

What can you do that would have a similar impact on your space?

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