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Business Card Clutter and how you can get it under control


Business cards are great for conveying contact info in a somewhat sustainable way—they are typically made of recyclable paper and if they don’t have embossing or other plastic-y elements, should have less environmental impact than plastic cards or other attention-getting materials.

That said, they definitely aren’t without impact.

While I appreciate the desire to be noticed, ask yourself if you want to be remembered as someone who minimized their carbon footprint or expanded it when choosing your next business card.

With the proliferation of smart phones and other portable technology, there are now many robust, green ways of sharing your contact information without needing a printed business card at all.

As a last hurrah before going green, enjoy these creative and not-so-green alternatives.

Then read this page to get a handle of the statistics around business cards.

Now let’s attack that pile of cards you’ve been carrying around since 2003. First step: review them and anyone you can’t remember gets tossed. You can’t really think you’re going to email someone you met at a conference 10 years ago and haven’t communicated with since as if they remember you, can you?

For the cards that make the cut, check out these two articles on ways you can digitize the content of the cards and actually do something with the info—like getting in touch and expanding your network.

Michelle Court recommends some apps and hardware to clear your card clutter in this article on BizIt.io and here’s a piece at Entrepreneur that offers additional resources.

Lastly, going forward as you bring cards home, you should enter them into your database or address book within 24 hours AND follow up with an email or call to solidify your connection. Otherwise, you might as well just toss the card in the recycle bin and acknowledge that you have no intention of being in touch until they reach out to you.

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